16 thoughts on “Jew Without A Gun”

  1. LD – I read Robert's story when he first posted it. It provided details of the '92 riots that I hadn't known before. Here's hoping that reading about it is all we have to do, going forward.

    Stay safe

  2. Good Read.
    Brings back memories of a rooftop,an 03A3 and surrounded by Koreans.

  3. Riots scared the stuffing out of me back then… but the responsibility for my family led me to buy arms.

    Ulises from CA

  4. oh, and do take the time to read his "How I Married Karen" story. It's in his archives, or you can get his ebook.

  5. I remember the govenor ordering the national guard to LA during the riots but alas they did not have any ammunition. Thanks for linking this LD.


  6. Thanks so much for the link. And PD Walker, thanks so much for mentioning my eBook.

  7. Very well written, and TRUTH… Sadly, many will ignore his post and say it's hype…

  8. Yikes!

    that's one hell of a close call, Robert. Glad you made it out intact.

  9. Thanks for this link. "Ban guns" = easy, plays to emotion, makes people feel good. "Identify and treat the rare but real mentally ill person" = hard, requires time, educated effort and money. Guess which side gets the media time.

  10. As armedandsafe mentioned and I remember,the Korean shopkeepers armed with AR15s holding off looters.

    Said looters were specifically targeting Korean shopkeepers just as previous generations of looters targeted Jewish shopkeepers.

  11. Ben, as I recall they originally had ammo. Then one night some jerk tried to run over two of the NG; they dodged, he turned around and came back. They dodged, he came back and that time they shot him.

    The mayor of LA crapped his pants and demanded that the NG have all their ammo taken away, and it was.

  12. Well written. It makes a point that's hard to miss…unless you choose to do so. Sadly, many will choose to do just that.

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