I am happy to report …

… that my vote was one of many that helped Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz become the junior Senator from the great State of Texas in the last election.

This letter reaffirms my belief that I made the proper choice at the ballot box.

The mental image of a spittle storm impacting the walls of Chicago City Hall brings a tear to my eye and a smile to my lips — to say nothing of the five minutes of evil snickering as I sit here at the keyboard. The quote:

“In the future, I would ask that you might keep your efforts to diminish the Bill of Rights north of the Red River”

just flat kicked over my giggle-box.

I look forward to many other such jewels from my Senator.


Gun-Free does not equal Violence-Free
Thank you

17 thoughts on “I am happy to report …”

  1. It is too bad you are looking at just a single issue. I don't believe in the long run that the government is going to get our guns. That genie is out of the bottle and it is not going back in.

    The problem with Cruz is that on so many issues he is on the wrong side of freedom. He wants to cram his conservative social agenda down everyone's throats: He is anti-science. He wants to legislate who we can marry and what rights we can assign to other people. He wants to stick his nose into the bedroom.

    He might be good for gun ownership, but he is bad in so many other areas that he is a negative in the long run.

  2. Considering the 60 or 70 senators who'd rather watch their daughters raped in front of them than get caught taking a side on this issue, he's pure gold.

    But at least the letter explains the handprint visible on Rahm "Deadfish" Emmanuel's cheek the other day.

    Obviously, Sen. Cruz's letter left a mark.

  3. I'm with Law Dog on this one.

    He also voted against Easter Islands Confirmation to Secretary of State.
    I decent on Budget and Borders.

    Outlyers like abortion, creationism, Gay marriage, these will not be top priority for years to come.

  4. Speaking as one who has democrats for both senators, one of whom, I am ashamed to admit (though I did NOT vote the turkey), is one of the [deleted] [deleted] [deleted]s that put together the latest amnesty, I mean immigration, bill, I am envious.
    BCFD36, I can think of many worse evils than the conservative social agenda. Granted, I am conservative and am tired of the liberal social agenda being shoved down my and everyone else's throats, but the liberal agenda has been tried and that is why we are where we are. I am also not prepared to become complacent regarding firearms. The second amendment, like courage to the other virtues, is the one that guarantees the others and makes them possible. I won't go on too much, but, in short, the liberals seem to want guns banned or regulated into oblivion. One final thought, the conservatives I know have absolutely no desire to stick their noses (or other parts of their anatomy) into anyone else's bedroom; we would appreciate it if others would refrain from shoving our noses into their bedrooms [I will not presume to speak on behalf of anyone I do not know].

  5. I laughed when I read his letter. I chuckled when Fox showed some of his testimony about weapons bans.

  6. He mopped the floor with the anti gunners during the senate hearings today too.

  7. I keep telling people "I know he's going to disappoint or piss me off one day, but for now, I'm proud of my Junior Senator."

    As for the social conservative agenda…did you hear his debates with Dewhurst?
    A few times it sounded like he barely held himself back from going full-wookie at a broadcast event!
    I've got a feeling a lot of the "conservative" (really, what does that word even mean anymore?) stuff is just talk.

  8. Being from Oklahoma myself, I'd prefer they didn't try them north of the Red River, either.

  9. The only way I could love that man more were if I (and he) were gay… NTTIATWWT as they say….

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