23 thoughts on “I think I owe this guy a beer.”

  1. Too bad none of the politicians will listen. As far as I am concerned, he hit the bullseye.

  2. Right on. I'd be happy to get him seconds on beer. The politicians may not listen, but some people will.

  3. Wow! A pity he was not speaking before the Congress critters…

    To heck with a beer, I'd spot him a shotof Knob Creek Rye!


  4. Very well said! Should he come down Texas way, I'd put something tasty on the smoker and break out my small batch Thomas Handy Rye for him. Semper Fi

  5. It's frustrating to realize that, no matter how eloquent we state our arguments, the politicians will just follow their party line.

    Common sense isn't so common.

  6. Anyone wanna bet he's in jail for some random charge within a year?

    Or dead from 'resisting arrest'?


  7. Sad that not one thing said in this dog and pony show will make a bit of difference. One can pray for a moment of clarity for some of those listening.

  8. We need to use the same tricks that the liberal media use, and make sure videos and opinions like this, and other truths about our nation and constitutional rights that are ignored by the media and the left, get full play and air time. One of the biggest problems we face is that people have been brainwashed for so long now, that the true founding of this country and it's principles and laws are completely foreign to them.

    Between a majority of public education and media, people have been "schooled" into believing in an entirely different America. Until we change that, we will continue to fight this battle. We either make a stand now, or our children will be forced to bear the brunt of our hubris and make a bloody stand later, or live without freedom.

  9. Hello LawDog and all others that think.
    I have a question.
    Is it time we do a march on Washington DC.
    I bet we could get more than a million citizens.
    It might be interesting.

  10. The "majority" of Americans have no idea what kind of storm is brewing. The folks who will/are attempt/ing to disarm The People might be surprised by the backlash that will follow.

    I would not be surprised if this fella had nothing particularly vehement to say about assault weapon bans and national registration proposals in 1994.

    But since most other freedoms, with the possible exception of speech, have been taken from The People, and in fact surrendered by them, many have decided they will not surrender their Second Amendment rights any further or any longer.

  11. Regarding what I feel these people deserve to have shared with them.

    I make my own beer and I will share, I butcher my own meat and I will share, I make my own ammunition and I will share.

    I will share these things and more with any American Patriot that is willing to stand before the machine and declare their intent to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us God.

  12. This is one of those times when the BW Clydesdales need to roll up with

    1 a beer WAGON
    2 a Towed Grill Array
    3 a truly epic Meat Wagon

    (please check your guns before drinking folks)

  13. I want to agree.

    Please don't misunderstand me, I'm a 2nd-Amendment CCW holder… but I've been buggered on other forums where I've been basically shown a multiplicity of statistics that are hard to argue that basically seem to paint the following picture: Guns are, in general, bad for society. The proposed solution is to simply outlaw new ones: you can keep yours. They'll eventually break, wear out, or become collectors' items, mostly out of reach of everyone, criminal and citizen, at roughly the same time.

    How would I argue for gun ownership if the following facts are considered by the opposition to be unassailable:
    1) Gun ownership is bad for society – more are net killed than saved.
    2) The US government doesn't care how many guns I own if they're going to come in force and make us submit.

    What can I say to that?

  14. Another Jonathan, First of all, remember that some people will not recognize, much less listen to, the truth even when it bites them on the nose and various other portions of their anatomy. There is no point in trying to argue with those who will not be swayed by logic, reason, and truth. If you feel compelled to try to drag such folks into the light, you can ask them where they got their "facts" and stats. Make sure to arm yourself ahead of time with the real facts. Personally, I would say that anyone who believes that those two positions are unassailable facts probably wake up every morning and wave hello to their appendices. As to the last assertion, I have two words for them: the Alamo. They might win, but the price could be higher than they want to pay.

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