24 thoughts on “Colorado shoots itself in the foot … again.”

  1. The point I come away with…

    If the authorities in this bastion of ignorance can pull something like this, something even a drunken squirrel would find beyond all common sense, and do it to someone who can hurt them very, very badly in return….

    How will they treat common citizens?

    I'm also thinking the remaining citizens of Denver who put these clowns into power deserve whatever, if anything, this idiocy ends up costing them.

  2. Not defending my home state, just offering information. The City and County of Denver has gotten away with having it's own gun laws, due mainly to then DA and latter Governor, Bill Ritter, and complacent judges.

    Denver P.D. has a sordid history, going back to the founding of the city, and mainly do whatever the hell they want. Adjacent jurisdictions have many issues with Denver P.D. Now, we will hear about the many fine officers and a few bad actors meme. Well, fine officers, you are the ones tolerating the bad actors in your ranks.

    This is just another typical day for Denver P.D.

  3. I'm STILL chuckling …………….. might we now hear the Denver PD is "improving" their "training" of cabbies, or that the "program" no longer exists? As security, even *I* know enough to NOT jump to conclusions about others' behavior …………… "'Scusi, Signor Polizei, but for what are you taking me?"

    Oh, *I* know – the cabbie was concerned that Perazzi was headed in to shoot up the gun show ………………… bunch of idiots up there – too much 'Rocky Mountain High', maybe?

    Semper Fi'

  4. "Guns + Foreign Accent = Terr'rist."

    As likely as not, the cabbie was not as proficient in English as Mr. Perazzi, wherever he was born ……

    A more likely scenario, I think, is:

    (Low Information Voter sees gun case)=ZOMG!!!!!!!!11111! AK-47!!!!!!!!!!!11111111!

    It's Denver (the armpit of Colorado)…..what did you expect?

  5. Colorado officialdumb's anti-gun mentality is like a slot machine that just won't stop paying off!

    Should I ever visit Colorado, I look forward to patroninzing the Perazzi Company's pending new taxicab company acquisition, and wish them luck in their future endeavors.

    But seriously, we expect cabbies to generally be illiterate tards with no higher brain functions than knowing how to (mostly) safely operate a rather simple motor vehicle.

    Police officers and their supervisors, OTOH, are entrusted with enforcing the law, and thus supposed to have some nodding basic acquaintance with things like, just for random examples, the laws of the state, the applicability of the Bill of Rights of the Constitution, and at a minimum, the policies of the relevant department, which generally don't include reacting lke a bunch of scalded cats, wet hens, and scared grandmothers when a senior executive of one of the world's premier gunmakers brings examples of his merchandise, and travels 6000 miles to your town for the business, tax revenues from which sales pay their farking salaries.

    I hope Mr. Perazzi's compensatory demands include a non-negotiable requirement that, in return for dropping further civil claims against the city, the Chief of Police of the Keystone Kops, and the Mayor McCheese of Headuptheassistan must each kiss his backside on the steps of the city hall, at a public press conference where they profusely apologize and then hand him the Keys to the City, along with $1 plus legal costs.

    Having the Italian ambassador start spewing kittens on our State Department's head for the incident, and lodging formal complaints at the U.N and the World Court should also be on the menu, just for the entertainment factor.

  6. Appears to be a complete hoax ……

    from Perazzi S.p.A.

    With reference to press reports concerning Daniele Perazzi's alleged unlawful arrest for terrorism last Saturday in Denver (Colorado), we state that the incident is devoid of any foundation and the news is completely fabricated.
    Daniele Perazzi (founder of Perazzi SpA) died last year, and his son Mauro was not in the United States last Saturday.
    The Perazzis are not involved in any wrongdoing in any way, shape or form and, to our best knowledge, are not under investigation or scrutiny nor are targets of criminal proceedings.
    The Perazzi Company, contrarily to what has been reported, is very familiar with the US legislation on weapons due to its extensive presence in the American market.
    Perazzi is considering to take legal action to protect the brand and the Company's reputation in the USA.

    Perazzi SpA

  7. This now appears to be a complete but very elaborate hoax. David Codrea has published his retraction of of the story, but… He also points out that prior to publicizing it he referenced two well-respected lawyers and a Fox news story on it. Somebody or somebodies had to work very hard to plant that hoax that deep.

  8. I don't know what is worse: the hoax, or that it is so d-mn probable that so many of us believed it without blinking.


  9. The words I have in mind for the fools in Colorado,Your actions are Bravo Serria

  10. Yeah, major hoax, which due to kneejerk reactions, got a LOT of legs before any real response could be made.

    It looks like those Dorsal-Finned Lawyers (legalis voracious horribilus) are going to be going after *someone* but it's not gonna be the Denver PD.

    So yes… No words… but then it turns out none needed! Isn't it nice when things work out better than expected?

  11. Good.

    The Adams County Sheriff's office aren't complete tards.

    David Codrea and a few others got snookered by a hoaxer who played on their current hate-on for Colorado government.

  12. "Blogger Kristophr said…


    The Adams County Sheriff's office aren't complete tards.

    David Codrea and a few others got snookered by a hoaxer who played on their current hate-on for Colorado government."

    I must respectfully disagree with the choice of terms. David doesn't necessarily have a "hate-on" for Colorado government. He does however, report on ANY government that oversteps their bounds when he learns of it. As should we all.

  13. It happens, Lawdog. "Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, & start all over, again," as the song goes.

    I still have to deal with the elected a$$es in Sacramento.

    Ulises from CA

  14. *gives Law Doggie a chew toy so he stops gnawing on his foot*

    You weren't the only one snookered. Hoaxes tend to draw in a lot of folks. Especially when they hit various 'hot button' topics. It's shockingly easy to fool people if you present them with something that makes them angry…

  15. Steve:

    I wasn't criticizing David for his hate-on.

    The politicians in CO deserve to be on a short leash.

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  17. Off topic, but hope the storms missed you. I was on the phone with PA State Cop as he drove from OKC down east of you and one was on his tail, according to the radar picture, though he didn't see much.

    Stay safe and my best to R.

  18. I love a good hoax and this one scores fairly high. The tip off should have been the bit about the Adams county sheriffs being involved. Denver PD = plausible. Adams Co sheriff = No way.

    Still waiting for one in the same league with the Smoking Bananas to get high hoax from the 60's. That one ran nation wide.

    No need to be embarrassed about being taken in, it was well thought out and well executed. I challenge all of you to do one better.

  19. It could be worse. You DO, after all, admit to having been taken in. It is a feature of leftism to either double-down on the fraud, or insist that the fraud was perpetrated by one's enemies, or that it wasn't the Perazzi, Denver and Colorado we are all familiar with , but others of those name.

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