18 thoughts on “Overheard at Rancho LawDog:”

  1. I'm certain whoever said that must have sounded much more intelligent that that looks in pixels.

  2. Wise man knows the root of all domestic harmony is … not expressing an opinion that would get you in hot water.

    Diplomatically, of course.

    However, I understood the difference between the two scents. Herself is wonderfully descriptive.

    Naturally, a WISE Man wouldn't have said anything in his blog either.

  3. Suisan: I have noted he still has made no values statement on the gradations of hippie aroma, so he's still in safe mode.

    In defense of patchouli, my most exquisite perfumes contain patchouli. It's not all greasy hippie stuff, and it is beautifully blended. Cast your nose upon Coromandel from Chanel's Les Exclusifs line and Portrait of a Lady by Frederic Malle – perfume of the goddesses. Nary a hint of cat pee/Woodstock wallow about these beauties.

  4. Everything phlegmfatale said about patchouli and perfume is true.

    That said, when my acupuncturist had me taking herbs that contained patchouli, after the first time I cooked the herbs, I did it outside.

  5. I'm undercaffeinated this morning and my brain is a little slow this, so I forgot this: Deer and civet musk are also used in perfumery. In small amounts.

    I doubt you'd want to open a jar of either substance in a warm room.

  6. Ah, that is true phlegmfatale… about patchouli blends. By itself, in a warm to "South Texas Mid-OMG-It's HOT" season?

    Not so nice.

    Unlike sandalwood. Blended or by itself; cold or hot weather . . . maybe that is why patchouli is often 'sweetened' by both sandalwood and vanilla orchid.


  7. I guess I missed the whole "patchouli" thing….. I have smelled it though, and have never understood why it would be used in perfume. Right answer when she asked if you were laughing at her, though. 🙂

  8. When it comes to Scentsy and such why can't they make one that smells like Hoppes No 9?

  9. I'm tone deaf when it comes to perfume. Unless its Obsession, then I'm all in. 😉

  10. JRS, "manky" is dirty. I think it is mainly Scottish English'

    "Pong" means a bad smell. English english in this case. Do I recall that our good host was educated in Southern Africa?

  11. Amen to Suisan's remark regarding sandalwood. Aloe and myrrh also have a pleasant smell when mixed and do nice things for one's skin. Love the description of the scale/range of patchouli scents.

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