In honour of Kilted To Kick Cancer …

It is that time of year again! Ambulance Driver has announced that Kilted To Kick Cancer has kicked off for its’ third year? Fourth?


A fellow officer (here-in after referred to as “Sgt Krunch”) has recently unearthed some treasure and has informed me of this find.

Way Back When, a certain newly-minted supervisor reassigned to the Detention Centre decided that shift pass-along should be sent out as e-mails to make sure that every supervisor would have a hard-copy of the events that had transpired on his shift.

Since I am — well, me — these e-mails were not the usual dry, bureaucratic stuff one would expect from a government agency.

Oh, no.

My Sheriff now knows that I write this blog, I have gone to the Chief Deputy and asked if it would cause any heartburn if I were to re-post these shift summations for your edification.

He has replied that as long as I anonymise them, there won’t be a problem.


I will load up at least one shift summation every other day for the month of September. Maybe more, we’ll see.

If my Gentle Readers find these summations amusing, all I ask is that you pop over to ADs site and donate to Kilted To Kick Cancer. (If I can figure out how to post the links here, I’ll pin a KTKC button on my sidebar. No promises.)

For those who don’t know, Kilted To Kick Cancer was founded to raise awareness of male-specific cancers — and funds for research of same.

People keep telling me how amusing my writing is, and begging me to write a book.

Here’s your chance to put your money where your mouth is: read the summations, and if you like them, donate what you’d spend on a book to do a good deed.

(And you might send good thoughts towards the general direction of my Sheriff and my Chief Deputy for basically telling me that my blog is perfectly okay, and to start writing again.)


Summation: the First
Overheard at Rancho LawDog:

9 thoughts on “In honour of Kilted To Kick Cancer …”

  1. I'm not in a financial position to donate to anything (in fact, if I don't get a job this coming month I may as well start packing or throwing away everything 'cause they'll foreclose & I'll lose the house), but I do very much enjoy your writings.

    When I'm down, I come here.
    Often I re-read the ratel saga or the pink gorilla story and end up laughing so hard I cry & have trouble breathing.

  2. I yearn for you to write more often and eagerly await whatever unfolds. I am sure I will love it!

  3. Done. And, posted to my FB timeline for others to see.
    Thank you.

  4. You are a treasure, Lawdog, and cheers to Sheriff and Chief Deputy.

  5. It's good to have you back, my friend. I was wondering how the office folks would sort out their new revelations. I suppose that partially answers that.

  6. While I might lament your choice of folks to support, I can't thank you enough for putting the awesome power of the 'Dog behind KTKC.

    Thank you, LawDog. Thank you.

  7. Philistines.

    Your blog is NOT "perfectly okay".

    It's freaking phenomenal.

    Kindly pass on to TPTB collective thanks and felicitations for the decision that your pen may once again be unleashed in the service of entertaining your fellow man.

  8. I hope JayG doesn't mind if I split my donation this year.

    Welcome back.

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