Unsung Hero of the Day

Here’s to Nog, the Slightly Bemused.

About 36,000 years ago — more or less — ol’ Nog was out on a hunting trip, stumbled across an orphaned litter of those four-legged barky things and thought: “Huh. Wonder of the kids would like to play with a couple of these?”

… And things were Never The Same Again.

Hoist a pint to the memory of Nog — who never knew that dropping a couple of puppies into his pockets for the kids would literally change the world — and give any doggies in your cave a good belly-scritching.



13 thoughts on “Unsung Hero of the Day”

  1. Canis lupus familiaris….my favorite critter! I spent the weekend workin' for the dogs (and humans) at the Ridgeback Rescue Ranch,
    http://www.tirr.petfinder.com and had a grand time.

    Should you, sir or Herself, find a need for a somewhat larger variety of lapwarmer, please check out TIRR. They're near Decatur, and they are a good rescue group. All my dogs have come thru them. Good people there, and dogs too!

  2. Next time I'm near an open bottle of champagne, I'll sip a bit in salute to the wisdom of Nog. Salut!

  3. Nog was a smart guy. Rescue dogs are great pals.

    At least my 6 bundles of silliness, amusement, appetite, and barks are. Besides, I can't think of another sentient species that sticks by humanity's side like they do.

  4. My couch warmer is an 80 lb. rescue Pit. Cuddly, loving and funny. She kowtows to the cat and is the the cat's bodyguard. Woe betide any who or which annoys The Cat.

    The neighbor kids keep breaking into my yard to play with her, their two dogs as well. The five of 'em tear my lawn to pieces with my blessing. Grass grows back, and is a small price to pay for an afternoon of laughs and delighted squeals.
    Thank you Nog.

  5. When I read the title, I thought I'd find a paean to my favorite Nog, of the egg variety. It is egg nog season, after all. Then I read the post. I'll raise a nog to Nog!

  6. I believe it was Mark Twain who said "You can take a dog and give it a home and it will never turn on you. and that is the main difference between a dog and a man"
    Paul in Texas

  7. Did Nog adopt the critter, or did the critter adopt Nog? I suspect it was mutual but am biased in favor of the critter who, in the beginning, probably gained more.

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