As long time Gentle Readers of ths blog know my favourite Christmas song is “Christmas Eve/Sarajevo” by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

However, I have recently come across a rendition of “Carol of the Bells” which threatens to knock TSO of of the top of my list.

Without further ado, I give you ThePianoGuys:

One of the things that makes this particular version so appealing to me is not only is a beautiful piece, but the man playing the cello is so obviously enjoying himself that it just sweeps you up into the spirit of the song — and of the season.

Maybe not everyones cup of chai, but I think it is magnificent.


"Lighten up, Francis" in three ... two ...
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24 thoughts on “Wow.”

  1. I don't know why I read your blog… went to Amazon and bought all three of their albums! And I don't even particularly like Xmas music!

    These guys are GOOD!

  2. I read your post, watched the video and spent the next hour watching the multiple videos by the Trans Siberian Orchestra.

    Thanks. It was time well spent.

  3. Some of my favorite pieces are by these guys.

    For someone else who just moves and plays with exquisite joy, look up Lindsey Stirling – especially pieces like Shadows or Elements, or Radioactive (with Pentatonix) or We Found Love (with Venn Tribe)

    Just amazing people out there.


  4. A couple of weeks ago I heard this on the radio at Barnes & Noble, Shazammed it, and immediately bought the album.

  5. As I recall, Lawdog did link to a Lindsey Stirling video last Christmas. It was really beautiful and I spent quite a bit of time watching some of her other videos. Good stuff. So was today's link. It's not every day that you see someone rocking out with a cello to Christmas music.

  6. Welcome to the club.

    "Carol Of The Bells" is a fantastic piece, and my long-time Favorite Christmas music.

    And The Piano Guys smack this rendition out of the park.

  7. The piano guys rule. They even did a mission impossible type thing with the aforementioned Ms. Stirling, funny stuff.

  8. I guess Game of Thrones has ruined me…….I was hoping for more dragons 🙂

    Very nice piece.

  9. We are real lucky here in Utah as we have both Lindsey Stirling and the Piano Guys here. Both are real active in the community around here. The Piano Guys also have been known to include local school groups in their productions.

  10. WOW – yes, joy in human (& cello) form, indeed. & I'm not all that "into" christmas stuff"… but this, I like. Thank you for posting it.

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