As I stated somewhere else, Ferguson is:

“A bunch of jackasses running around reinforcing the negative stereotypes that they claim were the basis for the initial shooting.”


I fail to see how anyone can honestly state that it is “justice” to go to the business of someone who isn’t even remotely connected to the outrage you’ve got your Hanes into a half-hitch over, steal all of their stuff, and burn the business to the ground. Worse, how does it serve “justice” to burn your own city?

I can understand the critters doing the theft, vandalism and arson. They’re brigands, dacoits, hooligans. They may claim that they’re rioting for “justice”, but deep inside they know that they’re having a good time and stealing stuff. That’s what critters do.

The people I don’t understand are the ones excusing the behaviour. Whatever happened to the old saw about two wrongs not making a right?

More to the point, I think that the other old saying abouts actions having consequences should be followed closely in Ferguson, Missouri.

If you are a business owner, and a rampaging mob of Social Justice Warriors has looted and burned your place of business — call your insurance company, take the cheque they’re going to write, and use it to get the hell out of Ferguson, Missouri. 

 Take your vulnerable hide and your tax revenue somewhere that the local community doesn’t think that it’s perfectly okay for a bunch of thugs to burn you out because they’ve got a beef with the po-po.

“But, LawDog,” I hear you say, “That’ll just punish the innocent community of Ferguson, most of whom aren’t rioting!”

Horsefeathers. The Ferguson community has had months to get their feral males under control before the verdict of the Grand Jury was released. The Ferguson community has had months to tell outside agitators, “Listen, you’re stirring up the thug element. Stop it or get out.”

People don’t engage in this much destruction in their own community without the perception that it will be — at the very least — tolerated by that community.

So. Sod ’em. Take your toys, take your tax base, take your services and go somewhere that they’ll not be the centrepiece of a barbeque that erupts the next time someone gets a case of the red arse.



28 thoughts on “Ferguson”

  1. 'Cept I don't think your insurance company will be writing you a check.
    My understanding is that most businesses there have been told their insurance doesn't cover damage from riots.

  2. It seems to me that there are two bunches of dolts running amok in Ferguson; the rioters and the cops.

    I generally respect cops (I wouldn't read Lawdog's stuff if I didn't). But the authorities in Ferguson seem to be working out of a playbook titled HOW TO ASHCAN ANY SYMPATHY THE PUBLIC MAY HAVE HAD FOR YOU.

    I mean, seriously, you're under a friggin COURT ORDER not to harass reporters, and you do it anyway?

    You've been likened to an occupying army, and you show up in every piece of over-the-top battle rattle you have?

    The press wasn't going to give the cops a break, no matter what, but way to make them look justified.

    Want to solve the Ferguson problem? Drop several thousand cubic yards of hot asphalt on the riots, cops included (get the Mayor if feasible), run the mess over multiple times with steamrollers, and open the resulting parking lot.

  3. No offense to our esteemed host, but there are uncountable cases of REAL police brutality and misconduct happening all over America. Cops abusing the public, sometimes with lethal consequences, and getting away with it.

    So…why do these people always end up supporting thugs like Brown and Martin, in the face of overwhelming evidence that it was simply a clear-cut case of self-defense?? Verily, the mind doth boggle.

  4. There needs to be an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for the business owners to be able to leave the community that doesn't want them there. Call it Ferguson Exodus.

  5. Agree wholeheartedly, LawDog – WOULD point out, though, that lots of folks have no conception of leaving where they've been born & raised – those of us who have lived/traveled to distant places are more easily moved when necessary. MANY people, however, find the idea of that degree of change threatening. It's sad, but I daresay the many of the Ferguson natives who lose businesses will attempt to rebuild, even with knowing they could do better than the "community" of Ferguson.

    Semper Fi'

  6. As far as I can tell a lot of the action taking place is the Black-Bloc Occupy-Olympic Try-Outs, a little pyrotechnic-practice for the upcoming the Big Revolutionary Show they so desire. One guy setting fire to cars in Ferguson was a 60-yr old white guy. Perhaps a perpetual Grad Student from Berkeley? There's been a lot of piling-on by outsiders that's not getting much coverage.

  7. I wholeheartedly agree. GTFO, let the place rot. If they want to whinge about it, tough.

  8. Law dog, the logic displayed here is why I read your blog. MORE!

  9. just remember folks

    the saying

    Two Wongs Make it White!!

    is in fact correct

    (or could be if the Wong brothers opened a Dry Cleaners)

    but this type of action is just the excuse needed for somebody to decide to buy up all the land and put in Condos and Boutique shops.

  10. To be fair, I think most of the rioters are not actually from Ferguson. They just came there to express their displeasure.

  11. The press spent the months prior to the No Bill breathlessly inciting the populace of Ferguson, both local and imported, to uncivil disobedience should the Grand Jury not see things their way. They practically promised it. Then they wring their hands about how horrible the ensuing riots were, whilst making much hay over coverage on the nightly news. As you might gather, the press makes me ill.

  12. The problem is that a lot of the rioters and looters aren't in it for 'justice', 'rights', or even 'revenge'. They are the urban equivalent of soccer hooligans, in it for the smashing and breaking, with a thin veneer of 'hands up don't shoot' added for ausible deniability. "Yeah, we're really upset about whats-his-name and the thing, but 'scuse us while we do a little 'holiday shopping'…"
    I still find it amazing that the Ferguson PD can be both a bunch of 'jackbooted thugs' and singularly ineffective at preventing widespread mayhem. One would think it would be either one way or the other…
    If it wasn't for the fact that the powderkeg is already on fire, I would have loved to have seen some of those store owners waiting with a loaded rifle for anyone to break into their store.

  13. Thank you Lawdog for publicly saying more or less what I was thinking. I always look forward to new posts on your blog regardless of what they're about.

  14. Robin Bobcat said…
    "I still find it amazing that the Ferguson PD can be both a bunch of 'jackbooted thugs' and singularly ineffective at preventing widespread mayhem."

    That's just normal for third world dictatorships, and for most of the kings that preceded them for millenia. Their stormtroops can only be in force at a few points, so the more oppressive they try to be, the more ineffective they are at maintaining basic order everywhere else.

  15. OK, I'll reply to "Unknown." Interesting that your basic troll never wants to identify himself (and yes, a great number of LawDogs readers know exactly who I am.)

    You know what the police fear? Getting shot. Does widespread gun ownership cause that fear? Hmmm. Lemme think. Does widespread car ownership make police fear being randomly run over?

    Police fear gun use BY CRIMINALS. I do not know a single criminal who owns a gun, and I know a lot of gunny types.

    You are either falling into the trap of, or deliberately making the intellectual mistake of, confusing the application of a tool with the tool itself. Given that, I assume you are in favor of draconian restrictions on baseball bats and swimming pools as well.

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  18. Ferguson recuperation efforts are not showing up on the "National Bestseller Lists" as positive change. Looks like a slow work in progress. I don't know the people will ever be happy and now everyone is on pins and needles. It is a sad state of affairs and frankly, when does it end? I'm beginning to wonder. Now we have great terms like "going Ferguson", "going full Ferguson", and the like.

  19. Read-betweeeeen-the-lines, Pops.
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    That's why the only answer is God
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