Well, let’s see if I remember how to do this …

*tap, tap*

Is this thing on?

Well, the last several months or so has been kind of rodeo here at Rancho LawDog.  OldNFO has moved to the area, along with Peter Grant and his lovely wife.

My first thought when I heard that these folks were moving this way was something along the lines of:  “Whoo.  Getting crowded on my little patch of dirt.”, but — truth be told — I’m discovering that it’s kind of nice to have friends in the area.

Thing2 has moved on to better things — she got promoted to Jail Captain — so I’m back down to one minion.  Alas.

I have — thus far — managed to keep my face off of national TeeVee:

National news-critter with microphone (shoved under my nose):  “Sir, what do you think of your Sheriff’s decision to [insert something mildly controversial here.]

Me (blinking):  “What the [deleted] are you talking about?”

Thing1 (politely):  “We’re sorry, any questions will have to be asked of the Sheriff or the PIO.”

Me:  “That, too, but what the [deleted] is he talking about?!”

Camera-dude:  “Whoa, we can’t put that sort of language on the air!”

I am, however, quite proud of the fact that when suckered into giving an interview for local media I managed to use the phrases, “Mongolian rabies”, “Can’t cure it with bleach”, and “Diseases science doesn’t have a name for yet” on the air.

You know, I begin to understand why the County Attorney’s favourite expression around me is:  “‘Dog!  Inappropriate!”

Ah, well.

In other news, Peter and OldNFO have promised to help me get a LawDog Files book or two off of the ground.  Anyone still hanging around this general area may now bug those two about it.

On that front, my lovely lady — along with the machinations of OldNFO, Peter and Dot — has decided to expand my social wings some more, and has talked me into pre-registering for LibertyCon.

She seems quite smug about the fact that I haven’t hyperventilated over the whole thing.  Yet.  It’s early.

I’ve a couple of Africa stories percolating in my head for the past couple of months — we’ll see about getting them written down here.

I took an Edged Weapons Overview class from Craig Douglas (SouthNarc) over at ShivWorks.  Excellent class — which I must post about later — which also demonstrated quite thoroughly that I have spent waaaay too much time behind a desk these days.

Hmm.  More later.


Not much more that I can say to that ...
Testing, testing

37 thoughts on “Update”

  1. Nice to have you back!! I have been suffering from whereislawdogitis for a while now. And if Old NFO can get you writing a book that approaches his, he will have accomplished something! Looking forward to a couple of new Africa stories. And a few (more frequent?) LawDog posts. I miss your twisted sense of… everything.

  2. He's baaack! (At least for now.

    LD, 9 1/2 months without your decidedly different outlook on life is just too long. I was really beginning to think something had happened to you. Injuries, marriage or whatever.

  3. Are you saying you don't want us to bug *you* about the book? Wait… knowing you, it'd probably cause you to throw your hands up and refuse to have anything to do with it at all, if you haven't already…

  4. Finally! And welcome back.
    Watch out for OldNFO… them navy guys are squirrely and like NC BBQ with vinegar

  5. "I am, however, quite proud of the fact that when suckered into giving an interview for local media I managed to use the phrases, "Mongolian rabies", "Can't cure it with bleach", and "Diseases science doesn't have a name for yet" on the air.

    That was a keyboard alert right there.


  6. This is great news – long awaited.

    You have a reputation to uphold, sir; so start upholding.

    Please! The literary world awaits.

  7. Finally! You do know that since you even mentioned "book", that your friends are not going to let you forget it. Might as well give in, and get an agent and editor, and get it done. Then you can start on book 2!

  8. Glad to see you back. The Ratel stories alone would be worth their own book.

  9. Glad to see you back. The world needs a humorist like Lawdog. I see you as a more colorful version of Lewis Grizzard.

  10. Welcome back! Look forward the to the Trilogy of Bad Counting Ability 🙂 And to more Africa stories.

  11. Saw at Peter's you were back.
    And What Spike said…


  12. Oh sweet Jeebus on a unicycle! He's back! Looking forward to more stories that make me start giggling and snorting like a half-wit whilst the pretty half of the marriage looks at me like I've lost what is left of my tiny little mind.Welcome back!

  13. Ah it feels so nice and cozy. I've missed this little corner of the interwebs.

  14. It's about 25 and snowing here. The sky is the color of dishwasher but my day just got a lot brighter.

  15. I'm glad to hear you were not killed during the World Luge Championships.
    I don't know how that rumor got started.


  16. Good to see you back, sir. I know that Peter and Dot are good people, and I see they've got fine taste in friends, too.

  17. Santa got my letter! 😀
    I physically cannot wait to see more from the amazing Lawdog! If you publish a book I shall nestle it between my Krav Maga manual and Peter Capstick's safari adventure volumes. Please don't deny my bookshelf the honor! 😀

  18. Glad you're back. And, regarding edged tools and their uses (and defenses thereof), if you ever get the chance, Ernest Emerson puts on a helluva long weekend. I was way over my head, with LAPD Swat Dudes and some SEALs just back from…somewhere. Got my you-know-what kicked so bad that the lactic acid took two or three days to clear my muscles before I realized I'd broken two ribs. Good times…Can't wait to see what else you'll be posting, and I'm in for any books…

  19. Welcome back! I was only checking in weekly hoping for new content. Hurrah!

  20. Book? Africa stories? Like a few others have said – take my money!

  21. OK, I normally enjoy LibertyCon, but now I'm really jazzed to be going! If you can, come up Thursday, I don't know if Dorothy mentioned it, but we have a group range excursion on Friday morning before the convention officially opens (and the Con Chair will have my hide if I don't let the pros leave in time to get there in time!). Details will be updated at http://www.xring.com soon, I need to get with the range manager and get things finalized.

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