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In a couple of weeks just chock-full of the suck, there is some good news.

Peter Grant, also known as Bayou Renaissance Man, who moved to Bugscuffle a short while ago with his lovely wife, has written a Western novel.

If you like the old pulp Westerns along the lines of Louis L’Amour or Zane Grey, you might give it a look.

He, and his publisher, are hoping to give the non-porn Western novel a shot in the arm.  Definitely worth the old college try, I say.

In similar news J. L. Curtis, who blogs as OldNFO (and whom also recently moved to Bugscuffle) has a military sci-fi short story up, which appears to have hit #1 in a couple of categories.  If you liked Armor by John Steakley, you’ll probably like Rimworld: Stranded — although understand that Curtis’ protagonist is a boozy lifer tech-type, instead of the Combat Arms hero of Steakley’s book.

In book news of my own, the work on The LawDog Files: The Dead Tree Edition is on temporary hold as I get another story out of my system.

I’ll probably post a teaser section here in a bit, see what folks think.

Now, I’m off to do some writing.  Y’all try to hold off on the dying until I’ve had a bit of a breather, ok?


Dear Trump protestors,
Small town Law Enforcement

13 thoughts on “Books by friends”

  1. Thanks for the heads-up and sorry about your two weeks of Suck there in Bugscuffle. Just hope you're avoiding the floods and all the headaches that come with them for LEOs.

  2. Please PLEASE swing the non-porn Western past libraries; our older patrons love them and they've read most of them already. I need someone new to recommend!

  3. Two bloggers move to Bugscuffle. Are you guys starting a compound?


  4. Please write faster, like old NFO said–I'm ready to purchase or proofread!!!

  5. Just bought Old NFO's new short story. BTW, where is Bugscuffle TX? I want to move there, seems to be populated by some fine folks.

  6. I have all of Peter's and OldNFO's output, but there is a reserved space for the tales of Chit-Chit, Brigader-Captain Sneezy, the trebuchet, ratel, Africa and the rest of Lawdog's greatest hits.

    Your book(s) are LOOOONNGGG overdue, but now that you have Peter and Old NFO to push you along and Peter's Lovely Wife to help with the production process it's Time to Get Writing, Mister!!!

    Huzza for the Writer!!!!

  7. Armor". Oh yeah, I've got that in paperback somewhere in the upper-level middle-hall bookcase. I don't think I've moved it to a Banker Box Repository yet, but if I have it's probably in the top 2 or 3 tiers … easy to get to when I move Drake and Stirling and Weber.

    *(running out to check the 2nd floor stack)*

    Okay, I have to move Kratman, too. But I'm sure it's there somewhere, because I haven't archive boxed DRAKE yet, and it's cover is almost the same shade of blue..

  8. I got Peter Grant's book on Kindle, but just got time to read it. VERY enjoyable. Thank you.

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