LibertyCon 2016, Day -1

Well, after a couple of days driving (courtesy of OldNFO), I am at LibertyCon.

First impressions:  Larry Correia is bigger than I had figured, and his wife is a complete sweetheart.

I am more comfortable at LibertyCon than I had feared.

The drive in was striking; there were all of these tall, green things that I am reliably informed are called “trees”.  Odd, but pretty.  Also:  not only does water come out of the ground –,by itself — it comes in colours other than red, and can often be seen through.  I’m … not sure how I feel about this.

Joking aside, the rural areas of Arkansas and Tennessee that we drove through were breath-takingly beautiful.

If you’re in Chattanooga, you should probably go by the City Café Diner, but you’d better pack an appetite — the beef souvlaki platter I had was about thrice what I could get around.

Since I volunteered to help at the range trip tomorrow, I’m headed for bed early.  More updates tomorrow evening.


Oh. Wow.
Dear Trump protestors,

14 thoughts on “LibertyCon 2016, Day -1”

  1. I soooo miss going to LibertyCon. If you are attending range day, please tell Greg Donahue or James Cochrane hello from Kevin.

    To me, this is the best con to go to.

  2. Huh…I entered a comment… Maybe my phone is just acting up. *scratches head*

  3. Now I'm really regretting not having been able to swing the trip this year.

  4. While in Chatt'ga, be sure to visit the chatt'ga/chick'a national park. The tour of the battlefield is more than worth your time.

  5. If you like burgers at all, I'd suggest trying Urban Stack while there. They'll make you a kobe patty for a nominal extra fee, totally worth it IMO. It's a little hipstery, but the quality of the food really is top notch. Good local beer too.

  6. Have a good time. And thank you for your years of service as a LEO.

  7. I met Mr. Correia at DragonCon last year (he autographed my copy of MHI). He is very big, yes, and more than just physically; he projects his personality quite well. I was a bit daunted, and I'm nearly as tall as him 🙂

    Wonderful guy though, showed up early for the Sunday signings and was happy to chitchat with us.

  8. Glad ya'll could make it out, hope you had a great time! It was nice to meet you all and be able to put names with faces (and get my $0.02 in about "write the damn book, already!"). Have a safe trip home, and hope you can make it next year, promises to be even more fun!!!

  9. I know it was a bit embarrassing to be outed, but it was nice to have a face to put to the tales of adventure in Bugscuffle, Tx.

  10. I'm VERY glad for your help on the range trip, I can't run those excursions without the volunteer RSO's, not with over fifty people on the range.

  11. Hey, 'dog, I was in my local gunshop t'other day placing an order for my first non-issue AR now that Obie pissed off my wife enough to let me spend the money. I mentioned your feral hog post and the dealer immediately blurted out your name. Said you were one of the two best gun writers he read but *pause* "a bit opinionated…"

  12. And for your SECOND book… Weird stories for first responders around the USA… Wit your cut going to a First Responders Charity.

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