Because esoteric makes me warm and fuzzy

Couple of Gentle Readers are enquiring about the title of my last post.

It is a somewhat sanitised version of a punchline to an Internet meme I saw sometime back, which (if I remember correctly) goes something like this:

GOD:  “Behold!  I have created Mankind!”

Angel:  “You [deleted]-up a perfectly good monkey is what you did.  Look at him — he’s got anxiety!”

The meme goes on for a bit, and ends with the angel begging God to turn Man back in to a monkey.

Anyhoo, the punchline kind of stuck in my head — apparently it’s weird in there — and I have found that it is a wonderful comment for the occasions when “WTF?!  Really?!  W.T.F?!” just won’t do.

As a for instance, let us say you are observing a scene in which several laws of physics have been violated in a way only possible by a combination of an overabundance of hormones divided by an under-appreciation of mortality.  Fire that is guaranteed to not be possible is possibly occurring, and something — probably important — is in a physical location that there is no sodding way for that something to be in.  The young — they’re always young these days — person responsible is standing in front of you, twiddling their fingers in such a way as to suggest that the report that is about to cross your desk is going to be one of the more impressive works of speculative fiction/ nitwittery you will read since … well, the last one .. lacking only in the mention of the beer that someone was holding during the entire episode.

I find that glaring at the responsible party over your glasses, then performing a Migraine Salute while gritting out, “Yeee-up.  Cocked-up a perfectly good monkey” manages to be completely apropos, yet just profane enough to properly convey my feelings on such occasions.


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Yup. Buggered up a perfectly good monkey.

7 thoughts on “Because esoteric makes me warm and fuzzy”

  1. The angel's lines are best if you can imagine him being played by Alan Rickman.

  2. I have looked for this meme and can't find it can anyone point me in the right direction??

    By yeah I am so stealing this, I have three teenage sons and WTF just don't cut it sometimes.
    PS. Please hurry with the book

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