20 thoughts on “Insert saxophone solo here”

  1. I'm hearing the sax arrangement of "Harlem Nocturne" from the opening credits of Mike Hammer.


  2. Into your pocket, not into the small of your back, barrel first? She loves you!

  3. As opposed to neo-noir, in which case it would be a semi-automatic. Don't think I've seen a film in which the hero/POV character had a revolver since the last Dirty Harry (not counting Westerns).

  4. Micky Spillane carried a 1911. And changed the barrel after each use too.

  5. And, as Sam Kinison taught us, when they don't love you, they slip the revolver into your carry-on, just before you fly commercial.
    And then plays the opening bars of the theme from Dragnet.

  6. Can we get a make/model/caliber? That Public Defender Polymer is looking pretty smart.

  7. Leather overcoat. VERY Robert B. Parker.

    C.S.P. Schofeld. Unless it was a Browning Model 1922 or Colt .380 Pocket Hammerless.

  8. Change the barrel, change the firing pin, and the extractor, and change ammo from dif mfr's and lots. and you got denialbility. Just saying.

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