6 thoughts on “New author”

  1. Purchased, read, and reviewed. I like it, I'd like to see more adventures in the world of the Rus. The romantic element was an organic part of the story, not tacked on to hit some check boxes….

    I am a bit distressed that DG took time off from prodding buttock and encouraging a certain someone to complete HIS books but the resulting product is worth it. She gets a slot in my 'buy it now' list, along with Peter, JL, and someday a certain ginger….

  2. Rick, I would like to remind you that LawDog, unlike a stubborn steer, has two thumbs, firearms, a wily mind with a long memory, and an awesome capacity for practical jokes. And a backup key to my house.

    There's only so much buttock prodding I dare do!

    Besides, I prefer to entice with food instead of prod… working on it, okay?

  3. It is the last two on your list that would scare me the most having read this blog for a number of years. Our Esteemed Host here seems to have a gift for creating chaos off the cuff, I'm not sure what could happen for a *planned* event. 🙂

    Be that as it may, just having the books promised is a good start..

    When Lawdog delivers you four will have quite a Writer's Group up there in Bugscuffle.

  4. One of the best Sci-Fi I've read in ages! Thanks for the direction!

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