Ah-hah! A witness!

Thing 1 hurt her arm earlier, and has been moping around the office with her dominant arm in a sling.  I am watching her holding something from falling with her good arm, and flailing away at something  else under the stack with her slinged arm, and — being the ever-helpful boss — I opine, “It’s okay, dear.  All the dinosaurs feared the T-Rex.”

This earns me a suggestion that I’m not perzackly sure is anatomically possible — kids these days — and then she yelps, “Oh, hell!  I’ve got to pay off the Outside Inmate Work Crew!”

I pause in the sipping of my tea to raise an eyebrow at her.

“Remember?  Dumpster diving for midget porn?”

 I smile happily at OldNFO, who blinks at her, then, in a slow Cajun drawl, he announces, “Girl, you ain’t right.”

I am tallying up the fact that — finally — an Innocent Third Party has witnessed the sort of shenanigans that fly past me on a regular basis, when Reno’s voice rumbles out from behind a bank of monitors, “What are you paying them off with?”

Thing 1 chirps, “Wendy’s frostys.”


She sniffs, “Of course.”

Again the rumble, “And french fries?”



Thing 1 continues, “Although I really don’t understand dipping your french fries into chocolate ice-cream.  That’s just … weird.”

“Well,” says Reno, meditatively, “You just might be a Communist.”

OldNFO blows coffee across the stack of files he’s carrying.

Today … is a Good Day.


LibertyCon 2017 AAR
Hyperventilating in three ... two ...

19 thoughts on “Ah-hah! A witness!”

  1. French fries are best dipped in country gravy, a la Whataburger. Frosties are good. Fries are good. Fries dipped in Frosties is just weird, I gotta agree with Thing1.

  2. Having met the esteemed OldNFO (and charmed him out of one of his challenge coins) I wish to see proof of this alleged "innocence". 😀

  3. French fry abuse!

    I've read Old NFO blog. I was also in the Navy. He's guilty of whatever it is. 🙂

    Boring blog admin stuff: I was already signed in with gmail when the security robot thingy made me sign in again.

  4. Yeah, y'all got me with that one… sigh… Thankfully it was coffee, NOT Dr. Pepper… And that crew is just a 'tad' unusual. Kinda reminds me of my old crew, and some of the sh..er.. Stuff we pulled over the years.

  5. To extend the weirdness, Many Moons Ago, in fourth grade in parochial school in Arizona, our Friday lunches were frequently
    – a grilled cheese sandwich
    – a helping of potato chips
    – a scoop of vanilla ice cream, with chocolate sauce.

    Dipping the chips into the soft ice cream and sauce actually worked quite well.

  6. HA!
    And the only thing at Wendy's worth ordering is a chocolate frosty to dip your fries in.

    1. I dunno, I really liked their Mandarin Chicken Salad they had for a while there.
      So of course they got rid of that.
      The baked taters are good and cheap if you're budgetwise.

  7. I never liked frosties very much. I don't think that ice cream is the appropriate medium for chocolate. Hot fudge on ice cream or chocolate chips mixed in are acceptable combinations, because it allows the cocoa to shine.

  8. OK, that was a fun post. OldNFO fit right in as straight man!
    Since my former Security Officer has already named me "Mayor of the Town of Not Quite Right", I've been in need of a Deputy Mayor. Working conditions suck but you get paid in guffaws and dirty looks. Interested in accepting the role?
    And the only proper thing to dip fries into… Wait, this is a family-oriented blog, right? So the only proper dipping sauce is the mayonnaise that the Belgians use for fries. Not pure mayonnaise either!
    Wandering Neurons

  9. I am a firm prosthelizer of that fact that while fries in a frosty is decent, spicy nuggets dipped in the frosty are a bite size piece of manna.

    However, The burger-in-frosty heretics will get what they deserve in the fires of hell.

  10. How about fries dipped in sour cream with a bit of Tabasco on top? Don't make that face, you've probably done that to a baked potato if you like them spicy.

  11. What the heck is it about crossing the Mason-Dixon Line, on a southern course, causes people to crave Dr. Pepper?

  12. Regarding Dr Pepper cravings…perhaps because it has been around in the South so long. It had it's beginnings in Texas (howdy LawDog). First headquartered in Waco, then Dallas, and now in Plano, TX.
    Interesting fact: Dr Pepper was available one year before Coke was released, making it the oldest soft drink in the US.
    It is also one of the few soft drinks still available with the original SUGAR formula, and not the high-fructose corn syrup, although it is extremely hard to find as you might expect. The sugar formula version was available in glass bottles for a while. That's about as close as you could get to the original version of the first soda sold in the US.
    Yeah…I'm a fan.

  13. Alrite, Dawg, fess up, how did ya like Libertycon? And did Peter or NFO have to hold yore paw? ��

  14. I used to like their ceasar side salad. Then they went and tried to make it 'healthy'. Hurk. And I really miss the baked potato bar they had at a Wendy's where I grew up. Mounds of cheese sauce, shredded cheddar, and bacon bits… nom.

  15. Thing 1 is right — you people are weird. The only thing to put on fries is salt and vinegar. Lots of salt and vinegar.

    With maybe a couple of Scotch eggs on the side….

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