He still lives!

Ok, folks.  For the two people still reading my blog, the first LawDog File book is due out in one month.

Yes!  How-ever-many-years after asking, the book is here.

It is being published in e-book format first, with print-on-demand shortly there-after.

More details will be forthcoming regarding this first book.

The second book will be in the fall, and will be the Africa stories, with selected essays — also from this blog.  More on that as the publication date gets closer.

I’m also polishing up a short story for a zombie anthology; and I’m working a fiction book to be self-published early(ish) 2018.

I’ll post snippets from the self-published book as we go along here.

Busy, busy, busy.


Hyperventilating in three ... two ...
Friend's book

56 thoughts on “Whew”

  1. At least yer still alive and remember the password to the Blog…..

    I look forward to the books.

  2. Finally… Not that there has been any poking and prodding… Nope. not a bit… 🙂

  3. So, are you coming to LibertyCon to celebrate? I'll buy you lunch at the City Cafe Diner, if you do!

  4. I'm guessing that instead of two readers left, your circulation probably hits the low sixteen or seventeens! Woo hoo! Now, quick, take my money! 💰💲💲💰!

  5. YAY!! I know hisself is a busy boy, but Dammitall, ITS ABOUT FRIGGIN' TIME!!

  6. Yeah! You're back! About to be published! My weekend is almost made! 🙂

  7. Huzza!!!!

    Congratulations, we are all laying in rib braces to be ready for your maiden voyage..

  8. Hey Dawg, there a bit more than two or three still reading your blog.
    I'n the 24th commenting reader.
    Get them paws a-typin' and be sure to let us all know when the e-book
    comes out.


  9. A month? I guess after waiting this long we can wait a little bit longer…

  10. Yep, all 2 (two) of us – yet – readers…
    I check here every week as I know you don't post every day. [… and that's only me, there's GOT to be others.] Besides, you are listed on the Gun Blog Black List which I check every day.
    I'm very glad your IRL associates have, and continue to pester you to write.
    Good on ya for responding positively.
    Rich in NC

  11. Am so looking forward to both books. I intend to tell the family they're on their own while I'm reading…

  12. Yes!! Perfect timing too, as DH will be having some down time around then and will need distractions.

  13. Twist Correia's arm to do a book bomb for you.

    And take my money already.

  14. Lawdog LIVES! Welcome back, I was getting worried.
    I'm looking forward to reading your work again.

  15. reader #26 checking in good to see you back on the files.
    Now take my money! and Write Faster!

  16. UK blog reader here. Hurry up and get that book out so I can read it on holiday. Please? Please? Please?

  17. That's some excellent news right there. I'm already in line, metaphorically speaking.

  18. There has been an empty spot on my bookshelf next to Kelly Grayson's book that has been waiting for this.

  19. Must be in that Texas water or sumpin.
    You, Peter, Jim, etc., putting out books. Gooduns too.

  20. I have urged LawDog to offer a signed printed copy in his own custom blended fountain pen ink.

    Are y'all interested? I think you might help me persuade him.

  21. YAY! Proud to be one of the two (thousand) readers of your mighty blog.

  22. I would do a great deal to get my hands on a dead tree edition. If it is was signed with LawDog's custom blended fountain pen ink…the only reason I wouldn't kill for that is that then LawDog or one of his buddies might have to arrest me. I'd get on my knees to beg if I wasn't paraplegic. However, I will learn to beg in whatever language might be desired. I can promise that any such volume will be given a loving home surrounded by other good books.It will be read regularly, but care will be taken that its spine and covers don't get creased, pages kept clean, etc. I know quite a few others who would also give at least their eye teeth to have such things.

  23. Looking forward to it!
    I'll be buying multiple dead tree copies for friends and family.
    My Christmas shopping will be done!

  24. I've been coming to your site for a couple of years hoping you actually write something occasionally.
    I'll be getting the African Book ASAP

  25. Zombies forthcoming? MHI universe or something in John F Holmes Irregular Scout Team One Universe? Or maybe a really creative new take on the subject/

  26. About bloody tim…..er, ah, sweet! Looking forward to them. A reader of your blog since about the start, the snake, the space program, the honey badger, these stories (and more) still make me snicker. Now, more will be introduced to your great wit!


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