Book update, the first.

Ok, Gentle Readers.

The LawDog Files will be released as an e-book on Amazon on 17 JUL 2017.  That’s about 13 days from today.

Print copy will follow a little later.

Castalia House is the publisher.

Of your kindness, when you read the book, please leave an honest review on Amazon.  Apparently reviews are what drive book listings — I’m still learning the fine details of the publishing world.

Now, I’m going to go breathe into a paper bag for a bit.


Eleven days to go
LibertyCon 2017 AAR

21 thoughts on “Book update, the first.”

  1. I've put it into my calendar and am looking forward to it. I've also notified my friends who read your blog.

  2. Looking forward to it with great anticipation.
    Thanks for putting in the hard work to make this happen.

  3. I'm going to mark the calendar, pick it up. Thank you for being willing to share your stories with the world.

  4. LD, for 11 years you have been giving your readers hysterics (and sometimes tears) on this blog, between tales of Africa and your service in law enforcement. I don't have any doubt there will be a LOT of 5 star reviews and calls for next volume soon.

    I'll be purchasing as soon as pre-orders are available.

  5. What Ric T and Raptor said. Give us a link if pre-ordering becomes available.

  6. Anticipating your book release.
    Also, are we the only two people in America who knows how to correctly write a date?

  7. Please post a link? I've been reading your blog for years, and am incredibly excited about your book, but can't seem to find it on amazon right now!

  8. waepnedmann, that's not the modern correct way to write a date. It's a good alternate though, to prevent day-month vs month-day confusion. (Which is why the military uses it, so our allies and us don't mix up dates.

    The correct way is ISO8601. 2017-07-17 Keep adding smaller measurements if you'd like.
    2017-07-17T14:51:05Z if you need single second accuracy. Go ahead and decimal that second if you'd like.

    It sorts right on a computer, and by putting the year first, I think it forces everyone to use the proper descending order.
    Then we just need to learn the heathens to stop ever using 12:00(PM or AM) exactly. It leads to date confusion. Yeah, there is a rule (24 is still today, 00 is tomorrow), but nobody actually remembers that. Especially if they do a timezone conversion before checking the date.

    And speaking of timezones, we should just do away with those. Sure, it'd be weird to have the bank in California open at 01:00z, but we'd get used to it.

  9. 7197 if you go julian military day time groups.

    Lawdog is evil, took him being blackmailed, kicking, screaming, bribery over atleast 16 yrs to get him to write them down for the electronically impaired to enjoy.


  10. Congrats been hoping to see something like this since the late 90s mid/late 90s when I first heard some of your stories.

  11. This is good the 17th of July is also the day the United States blew up the first atomic bomb. That went very well for the United States and the world.

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