Official launch of The LawDog Files is Monday, but some folks got an early look at it, and it’s spread like wildfire — and I’m tickled pink about it.

The publisher is a bit giddy, too.

Some questions have popped up.  Yes, there will be a dead-tree release.  It’s skedded for mid-August — about a month, more or less.

We are working on the second book as I type this — mostly Africa and cat stories, maybe some recipes — and I hope to have it to the publisher no later than October of this year.

I am annoyed with myself after realising that there are a minimum of six cop stories that I somehow left out of this book; I’ll have to get them into a volume somewhere.

Folks have gently pointed out that I have enough essays on this blog for a third book, and that’s something to keep in mind, however, I have mentioned fiction in the past, so I’m going to dip my paws into writing some fiction.

That’s about all that my furiously-spinning mind can come up with for now.



Memorandum For Record

12 thoughts on “Gobsmacked”

  1. How, praytell, would one get one of them thar early copies? A lazy Sunday reading through a LawDog book would absolutely get right up under my boo-boo, after the week I've had 🙂

    Regardless, looking forward to the first volume on _any_ day, and best of luck rocketing to the top of the charts!

  2. I downloaded your book, and read it aloud to my wife. Your writing always brings smiles in our house. I also posted a review on Kindle for it.

    P.S. I am not sure if my email shows up when I posted here, but if not my email is JSimmonsgr@aol.com, feel free to email me regarding my review if you feel like it.

  3. Bought it yesterday. Read it in one sitting.
    There were times I could not read anymore due to the tears of laughter.
    One has had to have worked in a locked-down-facility to truly appreciate some of the jail stories.
    Sounds like you had great higher-ups whose main focus was not to avoid being sued.
    Years ago I had the Big Mama story read in a POST class.
    You are much more well known than you can imagine
    Thanks for the change in perspective we see regarding Peace Officers of late, and I am looking forward to your next scribblings.

    I tried to review on Amazon, but their system was down. I will try again.

  4. Snagged it Friday evening while I was sitting at work being bored. Already left my rating and review up at Amazon. Looking forward to reading the Africa stories again as well. BTW, when I checked in earlier, Amazon had it tagged as a Best Seller already.

  5. Just saying, I already bought the digital version, while also planning to buy the paper version the second it comes out because that's an easier format to lend out (possibly in the form of shoving it into a friend's hands going "you have to read this! right now!"). I've enjoyed your writing for years, and am impatient for the africa stories too!

  6. Love the book! Read it in a single sitting last night (till 2 AM). Wife was very annoyed with me when she was suddenly awakened by my uncontrolled laughter shortly after midnight….think I may owe her jewelry now.

    Just on an editing note: a couple of places where there are duplicated words in a sentence ("an an") and at least one instance where a set of html tags (from the web posting of the story?) rendered as plain text on my Kindle….

    Have highly recommended this book to my friends on FB.

  7. Lawdog,

    if you don't think you have enough of those missing police stories to make another book, you may be able to have Amazon revise the current issue to add them. IIRC, they will send out corrected/updated versions to Kindle buyers in some sort of automated fashion. I see a number of books I previously bought now have a note in my listing about updating them. I think I just have to click on it to make it happen.

    Great book!

    As one reviewer mentioned, I was also surprised to see the shield on the book cover. Not what I would associate with a sheriff's badge, and it doesn't really grab the eye. The color might be part of the problem.

  8. I am waiting for my dead tree copy. Wish I was buying two, because this would've made a great gift for my dad. I'm sorry he's no longer here to see it. I can hardly wait to add this to my collection!

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