Holy dancing two-toed sloths!

That, ladies and gentlemen, was one of the most thrill-inducing rides of my life.

I seriously expected to make it into the top 1000 on Amazon Kindle, and when I went to bed at 1009 Paid in Kindle Store, I was perfectly content and happy.

Then Larry Correia dealed himself and his fans into it.

Oh, my dear and fuzzy gods.

When I finally went to bed, my little scribbles were at #87.  I am informed that they got up to #82 in the wee hours.

There has been much hyperventilation on my part.

Thank you, my friends.  I knew that my little brain-droppings were popular to a small segment of the Internet, but I honestly didn’t think they’d have much appeal outside of my regular Gentle Readers.

I’ve been somewhat cured of that misunderstanding.

And I’d especially like to thank Peter Grant, Dorothy Grant, Jim Curtis, Larry Correia, and all of Larry’s fans.

If you’d like to thank them for dragging me kicking and screaming into writing books, well, nothing says “Hey, thanks” like buying their books.

Of course, the biggest “Thank you” goes to the lady the book is dedicated to.


Okay.  News, since y’all seem to be interested.

The next LawDog Files will be out somewhat quicker than I had thought — I’m collating and editing it now.

The dead-tree copy is due by mid-August; and I wonder if y’all would be interested in an audio-book?


Sneak peek
And here ... we ... go!

43 thoughts on “Holy dancing two-toed sloths!”

  1. Congratulations Sir, it's always a pleasure to see good works rewarded. As to the question about an audiobook yes please.
    I first heard some of these "campfire stories" on the old long defunct VC podcast. ( something about hippies in a diner!) Your delivery certainly enhanced the effect. Enjoyed the book very much, can't wait for the Africa follow up. Zapper lizards anyone?

  2. I would love an audio book if and only if it is voiced by the Genuine D Lawdog himself!

  3. I greatly enjoyed the book. Had only discovered your blog in the past year. Am looking forward the Africa Stories.
    And yes please for an audiobook, especially if you narrate it!! 🙂

  4. I just told my wife that we may be getting The Lawdog Files in audiobook. I remarked that it would be perfect for one of our frequent road trips from Dallas to Burnet. We both decided that this would be a bad thing. Because our car would like go off the road because we were laughing so hard.

  5. My ex-wife – and good friend – loves audiobooks and I'm sure she's not at all unusual that way….

  6. An audio book only if voiced by you.
    I do so want an autographed dead tree version the next time you are in Dallas.

  7. Woot! Congrats LawDog! Yes to an audio book. Also, I might send a deadtree copy to the Kansas Audio Reader group to have it read over the air for their subscribers (vision impaired listeners). I am sure your book would go over well with their audience. LB's TBOB was well received there.

  8. Only with the right voice. And thanks for the bump, but all I did was nag you about it… Is this were I can tell you, I told you so? 😀

  9. It's great to hear that the "rest" of the world is figuring out what many of us have known for a long time. The scribe may be humble, but his writing is first class! Glad to hear of the great news.

    Me – I may just be a "flier" in the grouping, but no vote for an audiobook from the quarter. I prefer my books the old fashioned way.

  10. You also got a plug on Instapundit, which has 100K or more hits a day. Which is where I saw the news because I've been a slovenly blog reader (not to mention writer) of late.

  11. I don't do audio books, but The Boss does, and she says "Oh, Hell yes, do it in audio! But only if you read it!"

  12. Hell, yes, do an audio book. But make sure YOU do the audio, dear sir — or your brother or Lawdog Mom. Please, please, please do NOT get someone not of your background and unique way of writing/speaking, for they will snuff it badly.

  13. Congratulations, 'Dog. Permit me to take you a victory dinner, soon. I'm proud of you, sir.

    Also? I know that it's utterly unseemly of me to say so, but:
    Told ya.

    Matt G .

  14. My Dear Sir,

    I am delighted that your book is doing so well. The tales you tell have such a overfill "voice' that i hoped they would reach a large audience. I am looking forward to your Africa storied. More, I would dearly like to read an expanded account of what those parts of Africa you saw were like during your childhood there, if you would care to go into it. Most writing on Post-Colonial Africa is heavily slanted by the writers' political biases, and flat out "This is what it really was, deal with it" books are damned rare. I've run into a few – ELEPHANT HAVE RIGHT OF WAY springs to mind – but more is needed.

    Your 'voice' reminds me of two authors I hope you've encountered; Fred Reed (author of THE GREAT POSSUM-SQUASHING AND BEER STORM OF 1962 and other light classics) and Peter Bowen (of the Gabriel du Pre mysteries and the Yellowstone Kelly books).

  15. Hell yes, audio book, course only if you do the trax. Course if you get with Alan, and have him edit out trax from the old show, you got a lot of your current and up coming book already on audio.

  16. Good job LawDog.

    Haha, you are currently The best selling kindle ebook in the Humor & Entertainment section, ahead of Al Franken!

  17. There are of course fans-of-Correia who were fans-of-you in the days BC. I waited for the bookbomb, some others reported that they couldn't wait that long.

    You, sir, have caused me untold grief. My kindle didn't want to download your book once I had purchased it. Turns out I needed to upgrade my kindle OS. Except that since I had years ago jailbroken it, the upgrade failed. Much dicking about and I now have an upgraded kindle, again jailbroken, not yet SSH-ing via WiFi, and still busy downloading said book.

    Technology, they said. It will make your life easy, they said.

    Keep on writing.

  18. LawDog,

    I've been reading your blog for years now. Have introduced my children to some of your stories….to help them laugh during tough times, or to gain perspective. I think you would be amazed how your "little scribblings" have impacted lives.

    I'll ask the same question as Skip…..when the dead tree version of your book comes out, will I be able to get autographed copies? I will pay extra if needed. I will be buying at least 9 copies – one for me and each of my children. I know that digital is the way of the world now…..but there's just something about holding that book in your hands.

    Thank you,


  19. Add my vote for you narrating the audiobook yourself. I listen to a lot of audiobooks and generally prefer the writer to narrate when possible. I've heard you on a couple of different podcasts. You have the voice to do it well.

  20. Having heard about "Bob, the not-Russian" live, I suspect that the consensus is that audio is a good idea, and author narration is a Very Good Idea Indeed. That said, I am not jumping on the bandwagon – yet. I'll wait for print, to make some lending easier. If I hand a book to $HOUSEMATE, it gets read. If I say it's on my Kindle… well, it rests there.

  21. As an Amazon Prime subscriber, I read the Kindle version for free. I will be buying a dead paper copy (well, three, actually. Two as gifts.) the day they are available. Any chance on getting one autographed?

    As far as an audiobook? Take my monies, please!

  22. I'd buy an audio book. My offer to narrate still stands, though it would be better if you did the reading.

  23. Aw, sweetie. 🙂

    I am proud of you. Your writing is meaningful to a lot of people, and I am happy for you to reach a wider audience. Your writing, awes, amuses, and inspires.

  24. Hey, we've been begging you to take our money for years…you didn't believe us?

  25. Audio book? Yes please! Adam Baldwin now also reads for audio books, and he'd be perfect (listen to Larry Correia's Adventures of Tom Stranger to hear him. He's perfect for The Lawdog Files).

    I found out about your book through Larry's announcement and while I'd heard of you in passing before, I'd never read anything you'd written.

    Oh my what have I been missing.

    My wife & I regularly car pool to & from work, and I was reading The Lovebirds to her on the way home. We were both cracking up.

  26. Yes please to an audiobook! I keep wanting to share your stories with my husband, but I can't because I'm always laughing so hard he can't understand me.

  27. You should record the audiobook. Only the best professionals could do it justice.

  28. C-90 says:

    Not to mention that the pre-orders for book two, that won't be released until August, is already on amazons "BEST SELLER" list, along side The LawDog Files. You do realize, you're gonna need a bigger hat?

  29. Audio? Sure. Dad's eyes ain't getting any better, and my cousin (also in law enforcement- him and his wife both) tends to listen on the way to work. Keep us posted, we'll be around when y'all are ready.

  30. As one of the people who had not heard of you before the book and as a fellow Texan, allow me to say that your book is one that I shall read again. Thank you sir for your writing and your service.

  31. I don't usually go for audio books, but I would make an exception in this case. If LawDog himself were to read it…excuse me while I wipe the drool up…yes, that would be great.

  32. Your book was the best humor I've read in years. I did fall off by chair once, with the six-foot chickens, because I read about those monsters at work on someone at a local farm, just like that. Then I got to the Pink Gorilla Suit, and couldn't read because I laughed so hard … and fell off the chair again. GREAT therapy, and loads cheaper that a PhD (pointy-headed dipstick) telling me it's my fault. I have one of those really serious jobs and need something light with a good laugh.

    I'm glad that there wasn't an entry where you tutored the Things in the proper way to play cricket, using a 'dillo for the ball and a set of rigid foam bats. Oh wait, there better NOT be that story!

    Thanks to NFO and Peter, among others, for nudging, Larry for the "Hey y'all, buy this!" and to CH for publishing.

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