LibertyCon 2017 AAR

Well, I’m home after LibertyCon 2017.

My second LibertyCon was better than the first one, in that I knew what to expect and I saw people that I recognised.

However, a lot more people recognised me as LawDog.  Not going to lie — I spent more time hiding this year than I did last year.

I met the original Kirk Conover from Monster Hunter:  Alpha — there may have been squeeing on my part.  He and his lovely wife are the recipients of the first ever LawDog autograph.

Broke bread and had coffee — at different times — with Colonel Tom Kratman, John Van Stry, and Tom Rogneby.

Watched a panel on self-publishing put on by J.L. Curtis, Tom Rogneby, and John Van Stry that was incredibly informative and rather well done.

My all-time favourite panel of this LibertyCon was the “No [deleted], There I Was” panel where John Ringo, Tom Kratman, and other military veterans told side-splittingly (and R-rated) funny tales of their military service.

Got hugs from Jonna Hayden (Costumer Extraordinaire) and Sarah Hoyt — did my gentlemanly duty and escorted Sarah to a book reading — and witnessed Peter Grant baptising a couple of sprogs in the gardens of the Choo-Choo.

Met old friends; may have made new ones; found a decent coffee shop to hide in.

Although — to a child of Africa — “Frothy Monkey” does not present the kind of mental image that the owners might have wanted.  Just saying.

All in all, a wondrously good time, and I shall be back as often as they’ll have me.


Book update, the first.
Ah-hah! A witness!

6 thoughts on “LibertyCon 2017 AAR”

  1. Was good to see you there, and next year, I expect to see you in "Author's Alley". No pressure or anything.

  2. I hope someday to make Liberty Con.
    Some years after that, I hope to be well acquainted enough with you sir, to call you Dawg. Or even Pinky…

  3. Must've missed you, but I was at least aware you were about. Good to hear you had a good time.

  4. Had a great time, was great to finally meet you!

    (and the server is broken, was keeping the site from loading for me, you might want to look at that)

  5. I knew you were there, but missed you. I await your book with great anticipation.

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