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  1. Cut my teeth on Mickey Spillane and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and the fave on the idiot box is Leroy Jethro Gibbs… Dragnet, Adam 12. Blue bloods. Plenty of written stories as well…

  2. Love to read and average 25 books per month that include mystery, suspense, true crime, all of James Bond and Travis McGee was a long time love until Elvis and Cole showed up. C.J.Box is my current love. My all time favorite was Science Fiction until it became fantasy with knights and princesses. I have done beta reading for a couple of authors. Love research and tracking down obscure facts.

  3. Dear Sir,

    My email account is a mess, and one I lack the stamina to deal with. I read some mysteries, mostly some variation of Noir. Crime Drama and Police Procedural haven't made much of an impression, HOWEVER.

    IF you were writing such novels, I would buy them regardless, simply because I like your authorial voice. On the same basis, I read Peter Bowen's YELLOWSTONE KELLY books. I'm not much interested in Western novels (I like some films), and have slightly less interest in the Mountain Man sub-genera. In fact, the only Western I had liked in print was SPUD AND COCHISE. BUT, Bowen had captured my interest with a series of mysteries set in Montana. I liked his authorial voice, and was willing to give anything he write at least a try. I would be interested in YOUR TAKE on the Crime Drama or Police Procedural sub-genera.

    Hope this was helpful.

  4. Does Chris Hernandez work count? His last one was very good. Considering your writing here, if you write a crime drama, i will happily give you $ and read it.

  5. Heads up, people! The ebook is live on Amazon!

    Hope this doesn't screw 'Dog in some way.

    BTW: it's good. But we knew that.

  6. Weelll… Law drama and comedy fur shure! Fer Dang Shure!

    BTW, Amazon.com released your book early, already bought it. Up to File 16, get thee back to thy scriber.


  7. Dear Mr. Lawdog: I bought your book on Kindle and devoured it. Thank you.

    You mentioned therein that you had been accused, likely by One of The Reflexively Offended, of racism. Sheesh!

    Were you not born in Mother Africa? Did you not breathe Her air, grow beneath Her sky? Have you not graced us with your presence, acquired US citizenship? Are you not, therefore, an African American? Are we not told that because of (reasons), African Americans are incapable of being racists? Therefore, even if not due to your boundless good nature, general nice-guy-ness, and all around professionalism, then due to the fact that, as an African American you are incapable of racism, your detractors are wrong, wrong, wrong. Likely, wrong at a "poopy face" level of wrongness.

    So, sleep soundly, Lawdog. Neener-neener to the complainers.

    I eagerly await your next opus.

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