Seven days



We’re seven days out from publication date.  The name of the book is (what else?) The LawDog Files.  Author will be LawDog, although apparently Amazon requires at least a first initial and last name, so it will be listed at Amazon under “D. LawDog”.

There will be a PO box set up if you want autographed copies — although we’re still working out the fine details on that one.

Last, but not least, I will be at AMA-CON in Amarillo on 05 AUG 2017, working a booth with J.L. Curtis, Peter Grant, Dorothy Grant, and Alma Boykin so if the dead-tree copy of the book is out, I’ll happily sign autographs.  If it isn’t — we’ll sort something out.

Cordially panicking, I remain:


Eleven days to go

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  1. I know you're an introvert, but you'll be fine. You write extremely well.

  2. With that lineup I fear a great disturbance in the force, and rampant gigglesnorting.

  3. I wanted to find out the prices for tickets to AMA-Con, and could not find any information about this on the site. Does anyone know what the ticket prices will be? I will likely only be attending for 1 day on the 5th. Do they sell the tickets in advance, or are they bought at the door? Cash/credit card?
    The only 'registration' information I could find was for merchant/artist or volunteer.
    If anyone has information about this, please post it here. Thanks!

  4. Never fear! Many writers survive the publishing experience practically unscathed, and go on to lead productive lives! After a bit of therapy. Maybe some reconstructive surgery. And as a bonus, scar tissue doesn't have nerves so it just gets easier!

    (10 books and counting…) 🙂

  5. I suspect you'll be surprised by the number of books purchased. In a good way, I mean.

  6. Alma here. LawDog will be the one with the paper bag over his head. 🙂 Just kidding, Mr Dog, sir!

    Tickets are $5/day, and are available at the door. Be aware that there's a pot load of construction going on I-40 and I-27, so getting to downtown can be a touch sporting. Not sure if the parking garage will be open for business, but there's free parking at the civic center.

  7. I don't think anyone who admits to once appearing in public in a pink gorilla suit has anything to fear from publishing his first book.

    As an added bonus, after your years in law enforcement among the critters of Bugscuffle, Texas you should have the needed experience on how to relate to would-be critics.

  8. Read it, absolutely loved it, will post five star review when it pops up on Amazon. I have three words to share…pink gyrating gorilla.

  9. Thanks again for the link, Will. I got the book when I saw the link at Peter Grant's site. I've nearly finished reading the book, and when Castalia House sees fit to bring out a dead tree version, I'm going to buy it for my best friend. Her husband currently works as a prison guard, and I'm sure he'll like it, too.

  10. Unfortunately I can't read it as it's Kindle only. (my computer won't run the kindle app.)

  11. Purchased, read, reviewed….

    Now, on to Africa!!! I hope it is out before Christmas!

  12. Midwest Chick and Mr. B. set up a UPS store address for me for requests for the autographed copies of The Book of Barkley – that honestly worked out really well, as I didn't wish to give out the small city I lived in and had a post office box. Congrats again!!

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