17 thoughts on “Sneak peek”

  1. *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

    (pardon the mildly deranged fanboy noises coming from the left coast)

  2. We need you, Peter Grant, and Kim DuToit at a table exchanging Africa stories…

  3. Well, you've done it now! Congrats, and I hope you sell a bunch of them. It'll be nice to revisit favorites without having to dig through blog archives.

    Any plans for an audio version?

  4. Hey Lawdog, your African adventures are already flagged as best seller, ranking #1 in West Africa Travel Kindle section.

    Also in the overal Amazon Bestsellers -business and humor section you have positions #1,#3,and #5 snagged. 🙂 I have taken screenshots.

    Now what are the chances of you coming to DragonCon so I can get my dead tree versions signed?

  5. Lawdog, for book #3, (WHICH YOU BETTER BE OUTLINING AS WE SPEAK!) You mention privates, so you served in the military, how did the personnel clerk interviewing you about civilian life take to "Place of birth?" "Malta." and "Languages?" and your odd british spellings. And I bet your security form section listing Places of residence before entering military service:
    When a clerk or sgt, or officer meets something/someone who doesn't fit into the nice little square holes, their life gets complicated, and you get problems. And your way of spelling, cause you probably went to a few international schools, that used UK spelling.

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