Book, the Second

Well, the second LawDog Files book (Africa and other stories) goes live tomorrow.

I think most of my Gentle Readers will be happy to discover that there are some Africa stories in there that have never graced the pages of this blog.

Then I think I’ll go catatonic for a bit, because pounding that one out so quickly was one … interesting … experience.

It’ll have to be a short spell of not thinking, because I’ve got a short story due for a zombie anthology, another short story for a mil-sci anthology; and I’m going to dabble my fingers in the world of self-publishing with a Rural Fantasy book that’s been kicking it’s way around my brain for a while.

For now, though, I’m going to turn off my brain and sleep for a bit.


And Voltaire wept
Wow. That was ...

27 thoughts on “Book, the Second”

  1. I just got home from work (long day) and sat down to dinner, bourbon, and book, when what to my wondering eyes should appear but Law Dog: Africa,lighting up my Kindle screen.

    Just finished the first three stories and I have a favour to ask: Nag Castalia to get the "Real Book" format in. Soon please. My dad can still read short stories. I don't know for how much longer, but only On Dead Tree.

    Great stuff. Thanks.

  2. It's aliiiiveeee! Ahem. Congrats on the successful release.


  3. My Dear Sir,

    Thank you so much for getting this one to 'press'so quickly. I like ALL your stories (that I've seen, anyway) but I've been fascinated by the childhoods of people who grew up in distant places ever since on of my Mother's sisters put us on to MY FAMILY AND OTHER ANIMALS. Of which, btw, your Africa tales strongly remind me.

    I hope you keep writing, and will faithfully follow your output , but I would readily like to see a more traditionally autobiographical work on the Africa of your youth. The narrative about the Africa of those years is almost exclusively from a SJW POV, and I KNOW that's hogwash. USED hogwash, of a fairly high and fetid order. Maybe that story isn't in you, but if it is I think it needs telling.

    Anyway; heartiest congratulations, sir, on the publication of two classics.

  4. Purchased. Fast work there.

    Keep the non-free ice cream coming, please.

  5. Already had it on pre-order. I hope it's on the Kindle by the time I get home.
    The whole family, my parents included, love dramatic readings of Lawdog!
    (Do you need a narrator for an audiobook? I have experience.)
    Can't wait to read this one!

  6. Kept me up til 1AM, reading 'bout your adventures. Very nice job.
    Best wishes for continued success.

    (And are you hitting the Amazon refresh button like a jackrabbit on crack?) 😀

  7. I did not read it with anything in my mouth. Good plan. The explosive laughs even woke up He Who Must Be Petted, Fed and Let Outside/Inside/Outside/Inside/Get Out of MY Chair or I'll Wallow on Your Kindle….

    Glad it's a short rest. So looking forward to reading more. Such nice breaks from editing Spousal Unit's next three books….

  8. I am enjoying this book beyond all reason. I even ration it out, reading in doses to stretch out my laughter. Last night, Herself called from the bathroom "What the hell are you laughing at so hard?".

    The fireworks story.

  9. I'm currently in the middle of the book, and hit your description of writing. May I quote you in my classroom? That's the best description I've seen to explain the purpose of developing writing skills.

  10. The latest Monster Hunter Intl. book and the Africa stories in the same week – how can I be expected to work?

  11. I reviewed your books and those of Jim and Peter at Amazon and on my blog.
    Hope it helps.

  12. Laughed so hard my wife and kids were wondering what was wrong, why did I have tears in my eyes. So hard I couldn't read them the part about astrolizards tied to a black powder rocket, wondering why, and then screaming as they flew away.

  13. I am now reading your first book, and eagerly await your second, though I WILL wait for the PAPER edition to appear. One plaint: in this first book, I do not see the stories of the little old lady from whose house you drive out ghosts with stirring speeches of yore. Does this mean that you are planning volume two?

  14. I bought your second book and was up quite a bit later than I planned to be. (I should have expected that after the first one.) Thank you.

    Your African childhood had some points of difference with mine–I gather that chemical and mechanical resources are easier to come by at an engineering establishment than a mission school.

    You might recognize things from _French Lessons in Africa_, by the banker Peter Biddlecombe. He wrote that the true traveler was not the tourist, but the business traveler. The tourist can go where he wants and be as finicky as he pleases, but the business traveler has to establish a relationship–go where they go, do what they do, eat what they eat.

  15. Are either of your books going to available as an audio book? Both of them would be great for long drives.

  16. Holy crap, the ratel stories! Was reading to my wife at dinner table and had her crying. And Brigadier-Captain Azikiwe would be the best sitcom ever made.

  17. Hi LawDog

    Love the book. Please say there will be a dead tree edition.


  18. Congratulations. I see you have the #1 Best Seller for West African travel.

  19. Bought the first on today but not the kindle version of the second which is the one I wanted to read. No kindle.
    Is the tree version coming out or do I have to figure how to download it to my laptop – assuming I can? Got to google that.

  20. Is there to be a dead tree version of the Africa stories? I don't own a Kindle because they give me headaches. I'd love to read more than the sample Amazon lets you read, but if it isn't dead tree, I can't do it. Consider me a groveling supplicant for a dead tree version.

  21. I bought and read both books on my Kindle and loved them as much as I knew I would. My girlfriend lived in Africa for a while and I want to buy her a dead tree version of Africa Stories. Will there be one?

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