10 thoughts on “And audiobook is live!”

  1. A surprise, but a welcome one, to be sure. Most of my time's taken up with work, so "literchoor" gets consumed on the road in audio form. Glad to have TLF in my library!

    African Adventures soon(ish)?

  2. And THIS is why the Audible subscription is not in suspended animation or outright cancelled. ***SNAG!!***

  3. Glad to hear this.

    I've been a long time fan, albeit silent.

    I love my Laws of and just received my own personal copy of the "Files" in hard cover.

    Love it but I had really hoped that it would have included Earl shooting his brother.

    Having retired from DPS Communications 4 years ago I really enjoy the way you relate your experiences. It takes me back to the "good ole days."

  4. I almost coughed up a major organ while listening to the woes of Benny, and of course the magical To-Two Beersh! It was even better because we had an emu farm in the local area back in the '90s, and I always wondered how city folk would react to the big chickens, especially after they try to pet said ornery big bird. Some tales are best heard, and not read.

    Looking forward to the Africa Adventures. Now, with the Saga of Ratel and the two legged Rodent, or Madame and the Mobile Handbag, not even mentioning the spectacle of July 4th, y'all might hear a laugh from half a continent away, without electronic means.

    Lord knows, we NEED good stories and good laughs so we don't just swear or cry. A big thanks for comic relief.

  5. I nearly fell off the forklift from laughing! Between Lawdog painting the word picture and the Narrator, I have sore ribs from laughing.

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