We have learned that not only did the School Resource Office (a trained deputy sheriff) not enter the active shooter scene at the recent Florida shooting, but three or so Broward County Deputies were also waiting behind cars outside.

Words cannot describe how sickened I am about this.

In 1999, the shootings at Columbine High School forced a seminal change in the law enforcement response to active shooter scenes.

Prior to 1999 the standard response was to surround and contain the shooter, while waiting for SWAT to arrive.

This changed after Columbine.  Some agencies state that the first four officers on scene will enter and engage the shooter.  Some will do it with the first two.  Still others have the first responding officer do the entry.

Regardless of the number, the response is always the same — make entry and Old Yeller the critter ASAP.

Columbine — the genesis for this policy — was nineteen years (19) ago.  There is no excuse for any peace officer in the United States to not know that the best way to deal with an active shooter is to get in there, find him, and stop him.  No excuse.  None.

In 2006 — 12 years ago.  Bloody hell — I banged off a thought about bright lines in which I opined that every adult should sit down and decide where the line was at which point they would use Deadly Force against another mother’s son.

My opinion on this matter goes double — a hundred-fold — for those who put on a badge.  Before you get out of the Academy you should have decided where that bright line was.

And I’m here to tell you:  if that bright line isn’t on the proper side of “shooting up a school full of kids” then don’t you dare pin on that badge.

I’ll go so far as to say that there is no dishonour in turning in your badge after the Academy if you realize that you can’t walk into an on-going gunfight and shoot the critter pulling the trigger in the face until he changes shape or catches fire — as long as you do it before the actual bullets start going “bang”.

If you come to me — or your boss — on a quiet afternoon and say, “I’ve thought about it, and I don’t think I can do the needful to save kids” then all honour to you, and I wish you peace and happiness in another profession.

But if you wait until the bangs and the stinks and the screams are in progress to decide that you just can’t do it … you, sir, are a useless oath-breaking bucket of squid chum, who is parasitising a position, a uniform, and a salary that could be held by someone who can do the needful.

And — quite frankly — if you wear a badge, and you hide behind a car while children under your protection are getting killed, you should have the common [deleted] decency to take your sidearm, find a quiet country road somewhere, and Do The Proper Thing.

Nothing but the back of my hand to you — all of you.


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  1. Yer G-d right. A pox on the yellow cur who couldn't find his balls to go and protect a kid.

  2. For the Sheriff to get on National TV and blame the NRA, and for the nutbags in the nation to blame the NRA, when the actual problem was a complete failure by the FBI, the School District, the Sheriff's Office and the individual deputies, just sickens me.

    They need to quit hiring college students and get back to the days when being a veteran, especially a combat vet, was the best qualification.

    These 4 pathetic excuses for humans and their 'fearless' leader, gahhhhh!!!!! May God have mercy on their souls, as mankind should not!

  3. By all accounts, the BCSO is a dumping ground for the incompetent and the soon to retire. The local PDs do the heavy lifting because the deputies can't be relied on for anything more complicated than parking tickets and the occasional moving violation. School security was considered a place to park the worst of the worst, because nothing ever happens there.

    Until it did.

  4. You, sir, are far more polite than you are. I can't even imagine being an armed person at that school and NOT running to the sound of shooting. If protecting children is not the first duty of society, and the adults in it, I don't think that society deserves to last.

    Many people stepped up that day, the Broward County Sheriff's Office has a black stain on its honor and the remaining staff should think long and hard about how they can clear that stain. Starting with the Sheriff.

  5. Let us not forget Officer Gardner, the school resource officer at Columbine, who did engage one shooter without any backup.

  6. I was wondering when you'd comment on this, sir.

    I'm impressed you kept the profanity out of it. I figured you were probably trying to calm down before writing.

  7. Clayton Wrobel said, "I can't even imagine being an armed person at that school and NOT running to the sound of shooting."

    I guess I am off a different stripe. I can't imagine NOT being armed and NOT running to the sound of shooting. Yes, Unarmed I would still run to the sound of gunfire. Death wish? No. But an ingrained and trained desire to protect my fellow humans.

    Besides, the only answer to an ambush is to attack.

    1. Strong words that echo my thoughts. If I could stop one senseless death with my life, I'd feel good about it…albeit for a second or so.

  8. OH but he was only GOING TO GO HOME SAFE AT THE END OF HIS SHIFT, as I have been told countless times in various training venues, is the GOAL of ALL sworn officers. Oh Wait! There is that duty thing. It has been pointed out numerous times that police officers have NO legal obligation to protect ANYONE. The only thing missing from all this is a group of badge bling officers angrily defending the brave resource officer for taking up a position outside to prevent the killer from getting away – which he did anyway, not being taken into custody at the scene. Seems that a bunch of both conventional wisdom, and court precedent need serious reconsideration.

  9. As a veteran and former LE professional, you, sir, have echo'd the words that so many of us not only feel, but have actually lived. I think of my grandchildren and the children and grandchildren of my fellow citizens being slaughtered like lambs with at least four cowards hiding not just behind their car, but their badges as well.

    And it disgusts me beyond words fit for print.

    Well said, well written my friend.

    JD Kinman

  10. I believe most adults think the same. I know my wife, and I, would have blasted through those doors armed, or not.

  11. No doubt that Bank of America will gladly accept the officers' retirement checks.

  12. I agree completely Lawdog. How anyone can hide knowing what is going on in the school is beyond me. Armed or not, I'm going in.

  13. Sorry Lawdog, like you and bought your books but cops are a useless bunch of fucktards and cowards hiding behnd a badge-and yeah I could do without them.

  14. I am what you would possibly call a socialist, left-wing, scaredy-cat european, and I find the whole american gun culture scary as hell (for the record, I grew up in a family of hunters and there were several guns in our house), but I have to agree with you on this. If your job is to Do Something, and you're not prepared to, so subsequently Do Nothing, then get the hell out of the way of people who do.

  15. Ride to the sound of guns, has always been my creed. How could it be otherwise?

  16. I agree with the sentiment, but I think that many are not addressing the real issue.

    The entire premise of what people "ought" or "should" do is not something that can be addressed by sentiment or emotion, otherwise you would not laud or condemn people for their actions. We praise people who act against common emotions such as fear, and condemn others for siding with fear, only due to the fact that we are saying that they must not use sentiment or emotion as the guidepost for their action.


    Is there something called right and wrong, good and evil? If so, is it just consensus and agreement that can change when enough people vote for or against a new standard?

    Well folks, that is exactly what several generations, including people of all professions, have been taught by the very entity that was the site of this incident: government schools. "There is no God, right and wrong are subjective, you can choose your gender on any given day, and a 6 inch trip down the cervix changes a choice into a murder". This irrationality is what millions have been are are being taught everyday in every government school.

    Those chickens come home to roost when you see the official policy of a government school system refuse to hold students accountable for criminal actions.

    When you see the official policy of the law enforcement agency to not write reports and refuse to arrest and hold students accountable for criminal actions.

    When you see a delay built into the video system so to be able to review and prevent the evidence of criminal acts by student from becoming part of the official record.

    When you see the Chief LEO of a county condemn millions of law abiding citizens and inanimate objects, and praise his own "outstanding leadership".

    The murderer has not lived in a vacuum; he is a product of the society that has been socially engineered for generations. This has occurred by and with the cooperation of every parent who sends their children to government for their indoctrination, all the while insisting that "their schools are different".

    You always get what you continually do, good and hard.

  17. And the sheriff needs to resign in disgrace instead of appearing on CNN.

  18. A Sheriff is elected to perform certain statutory and/or Constitutional tasks which vary from state to state. Sheriff's Deputies are deputized by the Sheriff to assist in performing those tasks. They are a direct representative of their Sheriff. That's about all that need be said.

  19. All the more egregious considering that active shooters have a history of killing themselves or surrendering when they meet LEO or other armed resistance.
    They could have taken him easily.

  20. You managed to put my own thoughts and feelings about this horrible event into a coherent missive. Thank you.

    'nuff said.

  21. As a recently retired 39 year veteran of law enforcement in a medium sized city, please allow me to add a few thoughts.
    Before Columbine the standard practice was contain and send SWAT. When we realized afterwards that new procedures were needed, they were written, and taught by SWAT. In my dept we started with 5-6 man teams for entry with at least one long gun. You waited until your team reflected that before entry. Then you began a methodical clearing of the building.
    Now we have evolved to 2-3 man teams who clear room by room unless they hear gunshots at which time they ride to the guns. We train a lot regarding blue on blue, emergency medical aid for the victims (every cop carries tq's and is trained in use), and evac. Our training includes taking EMS in and protecting them. All of that is to say that we don't know what Broward Co So trains. For the arm chair guys out there, until you are in it, you don't really know what you will do.
    I note we haven't seen the videos or heard from the other side, just a rush to judgement. I'm not saying they were correct, just that to find four ( i think that's the current coward count) officers who won't engage is pretty unusual and might indicate we don't have the full story.
    Another factor to consider is that most departments don t assign warriors to school duty, they assign Officer Friendly. 99% of the time that's the best policy. Can't expect somebody to act differently than their base makeup and training.
    Again not defending them, just saying there is probably more to the story.
    As for me, my troops and I trained independently to coordinate arrivals (same side of building, planned for same entry point) so we had pairs ready instantly. In a recent mass club shooting we had zero delay in entry.

  22. FOUR Broward County deputies sat outside while the shooting was going on. When officers from another department showed up they were told by the Broward officers not to enter, they entered anyway and put an end to the situation and later captured the shooter.

    There is no excuse that can be given for four trained deputies to have not entered, not training, not stand down orders, nothing.

    When EMS showed up, Broward kept them out as well and, according to one of the EMS responders on scene, the casualty count was higher because they weren't allowed to do their job.

    The ENTIRE department is responsible for this. The Sheriff and his command staff should be fired and replaced from outside, then each and every deputies jacket should be reviewed to see if they should be retained.

  23. After seeing the pictures of Broward County sheriff's deputies (6 of them) outside the residence of the abominable, despicable creature named Scot Peterson, supposedly to 'protect' him, I can only say that, "Broward Sheriff's Deputy is a synonym for, "filthy stinking vermin worthy of being whipped senseless." My father, God rest his soul, once told me that only cowards rise to the defence of cowards.
    The Broward Sheriff's Office needs to be expunged, completely.
    As for the FBI, the special agent(s) who failed to respond to reports of threats made LONG before the shooting started, should be charged immediatly with both criminal negligence causing death, and willful dereliction of duty.
    That is about as much as I can say, without using profane language or needing to rush to my washroom to vomit.

    Please stay safe and wary, people.


  24. sigh…Things like this make me wish the wanna-bes would stick to the cop costumes on Halloween. I've got more balls than all of them between them and I'm female. Before my accident, I had the honor of serving with a badge. There's more to being an officer than wearing a badge. Almost anyone can pin on a badge. To be an officer means that generally when everyone else is running away, you're running towards; it means doing your duty (not your legal obligation) regardless of whether you will live to tell about it; it means being worthy of the trust placed in you by the public; and it means doing all of the above knowing that it won't win you any popularity contests and that many people will hate you because of the badge and uniform you wear. None of us expect or probably even want accolades (if you do, you're in the wrong profession), but it would be nice if those who aren't up for it would stay out. There's nothing worse than a dirty cop and not all corruption is illegal. Maybe what those…individuals did was legal, but it sure as hell wasn't right. The good news is that there are still good men out there. Not all of them wear a badge, but good men don't need a badge to do the right thing.

  25. During my career I entered into two situations that scared me. So scared I literally pissed myself in fear. Yes, literally and I'm using that word correctly. When the situation was over, and I had done what was needed, I returned to the locker room, changed my uniform, and went back to work. This deputy went home at the end of his shift, I hope he can look at himself in the mirror. I couldn't.

  26. This Peterson person is a Eunuch. He is without Testicular Fortitude because he has no testicles. A gutless Eunuch bastard and his three cronies as well

  27. "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." – George Orwell – but he never lived in Broward County did he.

  28. Conservative Treehouse's Twitter feed has information from multiple sources within the Broward County Sheriff's Office to the effect that the department has had no active shooter training since 2006.

    Multiple rounds of "Diversity," "De-escalation," and "Sensitivity" training, though.

  29. "It has been pointed out numerous times that police officers have NO legal obligation to protect ANYONE"
    Yes. Well. Allow me to point out that every adult human has a MORAL obligation to protect children from predation. Where I come from, a moral obligation trumps a legal obligation every time. The thought of a sworn (emphasis on the "sworn" part) LEO chickening out when the stuff hits the fan is… near incomprehensible. Sickening. Infuriating. Pick a word.
    As usual, well said. I wish I could write like you!

  30. As you say, "Moral obligation trumps legal obligation". The problem is there are so few out there with any morals any more. No parents, because they cannot follow the moral obligation of marriage. No employment because they cannot follow the moral obligation of giving the company a days work for a days pay.I could go on, but we all know what I am talking about. An LEO without the knowledge of the moral obligations that come with pinning on that shield, is a security guard. Nothing else.

  31. Latest word is that a BCSO captain ordered the four deputies to establish a perimeter rather than entering the building (the latter being the allegedly established procedure).

  32. I remember when Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School opened. It was when I was a junior in high school myself; the senior class section of my graduating year's yearbook was more than three times the size of all of the other sections because the lower years were all split off to contribute to Marjorie Stoneman Douglas's classes.

    (Incidentally, from an at-the-time local, nobody calls it Douglas High School. It's Stoneman Douglas if you shorten it at all, but most people use all three names to honor the environmentalist in whose honor the school was named. A tough lady who by all accounts should be CALLED a lady, instead of a woman or a broad.)

    BCSO has been considered a hotbed of corruption, incompetence, graft, and politics where those who rise in the department do so with disregard for the public welfare since before I was in high school. I left south Florida more than a decade ago but have traveled back sporadically as I have family who are still in the area. I just returned from such a trip and while I was there had the dubious privilege of watching scores of BCSO respond to a bank robbery. We lost count of the number of vehicles and officers we saw responding to the area, standing on sidewalks and along the sides of canals, for what proved to be a very standard kind of robbery for the area: a single culprit who walked up to the counter and demanded funds.

    I don't say that their effort was 'wrong' as such, but I can and do say that prior to the events of the school shooting, this level of response would have been unheard of. It was patently, absurdly evident that it was being done for show, to try and alter public perception in the wake of these recent revelations.

    It's also BCSO's standard approach.

    I have no beef with police as a whole or with individual members. Those in law enforcement do a dirty, dangerous job so that others can hopefully sleep well at night. But based on these events, and others I've heard about or witnessed (including a structure fire caused by BCSO using the wrong kind of tear gas, once), I can say that these events sadden but don't surprise me in the slightest. Not where BCSO is concerned.

  33. No surprise, just another bully with a badge, one of thousands in America, who suddenly realized the 70k a year ride was over, and it was time to retire rather than do the work he'd been getting paid for.

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