Oh, lawdy, lawdy, lawdy

If young master David “Nearvivor” Hogg is going to keep up his propaganda public appearances, he might ought to employ the services of a protocol secretary, to prevent little gaffes that lend themselves oh so nicely to memes.

Case in point, his use of a Communist, Socialist, Roman [Insert Colour Here] Power Salute during his speech today.

Rookie mistake there, kid.

Get yourself a PR flack for next time.

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17 thoughts on “Oh, lawdy, lawdy, lawdy”

  1. Can he be ticketed for impersonating a human being?

    It's the lead character from "Bungle Nights," or maybe "Sayin' A Lie" (sequel to Saturday Night Feeble)

  2. How long before he REALLY does something stupid… And who are his speechwriters???

  3. A day or two after the shooting I saw his photo along with about 4 of his classmates. They were dressed similarly, in some attempt to portray solidarity to their cause. What struck me was that only one of the lads and lasses was not grinning to beat the band. That told me their "cause" was themselves, and not about the dead.

  4. Just think, if the person who taught him that was in Britain, they could be arrested.

  5. The person who taught him was in Britain, and he wasn't arrested. HRH Henry of Wales, of the Ruling House of Windsor, despite the fact that his grandmother, grandfather, and grandparents were all under fire from the Nazis during WW II, shows up at a 'do in a Nazi uniform.
    Like a former president of ours, he "didn't know he was doing anything wrong."

  6. Oh, and the Nazi salute wasn't a fist in the air; it was a flat hand on the end of a straight arm, extended at about 90 degrees.

    1. Hogg's intent is clear, and we already knew he was a poor student of history when he posed with his little sister's Hitler jugend armband.

  7. He has already been caught lying. First he said he was home when he heard about the shooting. He grabbed his camera and went to the school and started I erviewimg students. Next thing we know he was in a classroom almost dodging bullets. He and fellow students were hiding and baracading the door. He will fit right in with CNN and the bunch of fake news creators.

  8. Dawg,
    I hope the title did not mean you suffered from tachy Lordy, Brady Jesus syndrome. (Lordy, Lordy, Lordy, JEEEEEEEEESSSUUUUUSSSSS!)

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