Why don’t you go …

… pack your bum with salt and have a nice widdle up a rope?

Kroger has decided to pull gun magazines from its shelves.

This one is personal.

I have friends — good friends — who make their living by way of those gun magazines.  Friends who publish them, friends who edit them, friends who sell stories to them, friends who sell pictures to them.

Friends who rely upon the sale of those magazines for a positive cash-flow.

When your little social-virtue-signalling hissy-fit threatens the livelihood of my friends, you can bet your last dollar that I take it personally.

Kroger is done, as far as we here at Rancho LawDog are concerned.

And just in case any of my Gentle Readers are feeling particularly articulate, here is the link allegedly allowing people to voice their concerns.  Since I can’t figure out a way to present the back of my hand to the Kroger Board of Directors, I think I’ll pass, but y’all have at.

Oh, and here’s a link to all the companies that Kroger hides behind.



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17 thoughts on “Why don’t you go …”

  1. I would comment, but it would all be four letter words… I know those folks too… Dammit!

  2. When we marginalize and stigmatize people who use a tool properly and for the right reasons, when we delegitimize the *proper* and socially valuable use and handling of the tool, we make it much more likely that the tool – in this case a gun – will be used for illegitimate and criminal uses, but never used for its proper and communally valuable functions.

    Also, on a personal level: I am never going back in that closet.

  3. Just sent them an email including my King Sooper Sopercard number.

  4. Also sent them a message, including my alternate ID Kroger#. The sad thing is the reason I even shop there anymore, is to make use of their Community Rewards, to support TIRR Dog Rescue.

  5. These companies will learn the lesson Smith & Wesson learned: the people who they are trying to appease will be off to some other cause in a month or two. The people they are offending will NEVER forget or forgive.

  6. Well, none of those Schicklgrubers are in my area, but now I'm pondering buying some firearms related magazine from a local store just to send a signal.

  7. Better still, they should pack their bum with gunpowder and do squat-thrusts over a camp fire.

  8. I went today to local Kroger store to see if that store had done what Tam's blog alerted me to.
    It is true, there were only four magazines about guns, all were about pistols or revolvers. .

    We spend $400/500 a month at Kroger. No more I am done, too.

  9. The problem for me is that in my area, the only realistic options for groceries are Kroger and Walmart, who just raised ammo and gun purchase ages – so which one do I give my business to?
    P.S. Walmart employees are complaining because some of the ones who are their own best customers can't buy there anymore.

  10. Only one in our area is the Loaf & Jug and I quit dealing with them quite a while ago. Loves is across the street and more honest.

  11. Four years ago, Kroger told the Moms Demand group to piss off, when they demanded the chain restrict open carry in their stores. What changed?

  12. Please to update your list that Fred Meyer stores in the Pacific Northwest are both grocery and soft goods stores. And sell firearms and knives and fishing gear. At least for now…

  13. HEB stores in the Houston metro area seem to be doing the same thing.

  14. I just sent them an email explaining my position on doing business with an entity that has chosen to align itself against my interests and gently suggesting that a grocery vendor should choose to be politically neutral.

    For all good it will probably do.

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