17 thoughts on “Ah, Texas summer …”

  1. Hey now, this one has been MILD… Globull warming and all that, don'tcha know… Bourbon and branch or Scotch, unless 'certain' people show up, then they get on White Russians… 🙂

  2. 'Tis a Kentucky Mule. Use vodka, is Moscow Mule. Gin? London Mule, mate. I was once even served the same with Akvavit, by a friend who called it a Scandinavian Mule. Ginger and lime is like gin and vermouth – I swear there is some mystical chemistry going on that makes the whole greater than the sum of the parts. BTW, most pleased to see you back, LD!

  3. Kind sir, even us not-exactly humans can and do appreciate properly conditioned air. As well as a good drink, yes.

  4. And make it with dark rum and it is a Dark and Stormy.

    Ginger beer works better than ginger ale, but use what you have.

  5. I suggest using Blenheim's Spicy ginger ale, and Old Overholt Rye

  6. A tall shot glass of Jameson mixed with 16 oz of iced tea is also not a bad combination.

  7. Much to my annoyance/amusement, I have developed a taste for ciders. Kopparberg is expensive here stateside, and I can't even get my favorite flavor!

  8. I might give that a try. My standby summer drink:

    Highball/Collins glass filled with ice cubes (not crushed)
    1/6 slice of lime, squeezed, then lime left in
    2 ounces rum (I prefer dark) [St. James if you can find it]
    Fill with tonic water, stir, enjoy.


  9. Try 50/50, 60/40, 70/30, or howevermuch crown grand apple and applejuice over ice. Maybe a drop or two of fireball to slap it around some.

  10. We discovered the same thing this summer. And our summers are purely delightful.

    I comment to suggest adding a handful of fresh mint prior to the ice, bourbon, ginger ale and lime.

    Note to teetotallers and ladies pregnant in deep summer: this is refreshing even without the bourbon.

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