Sauce for the goose …

… being sauce for the gander and all that.

You know what I’d like to see?

Red Flag laws for Congress.

Any Congresscritter says or does, something unConstitutional, anyone should be able to file a Red Flag violation and have that politician’s powers to write bills, attend sessions of Congress, vote, draw a taxpayer-funded paycheque, live in a mansion in Washington DC, or anything else tied to the job of being a Congresscritter immediately suspended.

There would be a hearing within fourteen days before a judge in their home district, where the Representative or Senator would be given the opportunity to show where in the Constitution what they said, or the law they proposed, or the action they did, was explicitly authorised, and if they can show that, their rights to all the goodies of being an elected representative of the People would be restored.

If they can’t, then they can sit at home for a year and twiddle their thumbs.  Not allowed into the Capitol, no drawing a paycheque, no voting, no proposing bills, nothing added to their pension funds, zip, zero, NADA to do with being an elected official.

And their party doesn’t get to fill that slot.  Their party doesn’t get to vote on their behalf. Their party doesn’t get to help them with re-election.

No, that Congresscritter, and the seat they occupy, goes into the penalty box for a year.

After a year, if their term in office hasn’t expired, they can take up their duties again.

Unless, and until, they mention violating the Constitution again, and someone files another Red Flag complaint.



Let me stop you right there, Scooter ...

20 thoughts on “Sauce for the goose …”

  1. Add mandatory constitutional law classes paid for out of their own pockets too…

  2. Sounds good, but what do we do with the empty congressional chambers? It'd be a shame to leave them unused while everybody's in the box.

  3. Except it'll be like any other red flag laws, PSHing idiots will abuse it and report everyone on the other side of sime imaginary aisle and we'd have no one in congress after… a… Hey! Now that I think about it. I really like this idea!

  4. Open the empty congressional chambers as classrooms, to give Constitutional Law classes to fledglings hoping to fill one of the seats.

  5. The problem is – who decides that it is explicitly allowed? Chief Justice Roberts? 🙁

  6. Natzsofast:

    You left out mandatory year-long retraining in Constitutional law (traffic school for legislators!), 40 hours per week, 50 weeks for that year, on pain of forfeiture of all pay and allowance, supervised by SCOTUS, and administered by retired federal judges.

    Curriculum approved by a nine retired-judge panel, two selected by the sitting POTUS, two by each house, two by SCOTUS, and the chief justice of said panel elected by the people, each to sit in three year terms.

    I suspect we'd need to allocate quite a large classroom for the number of attendees.
    And if Congress got to where there was no quorum for any legal business, they'd all have to go home, deal with constituents, and sit out the balance of their term until the next election.

    I'm pretty sure AOC would be the first Life Member of the Congressional Penalty Box.
    We should name the classroom after her. It's only fair, and the Madame Idiot School of Legislative Common Sense has quite a nice ring to it, doncha think?

    Followed I short order by the rest of the Moron Squad, Mad Maxine Waters, the entire Black Congressional Caucus, and most of the Dem committee chairmen.

    Be still, my beating heart.

    The only fly in that ointment is the niggling detail that this would have to pass the Congress first.

  7. Wait (hahahahaha, wheeze) wait.. (Harharharhar wheeeeeze) you mean actually hold politicals to their oaths of office to the same extent that politicos hold law enforcement, the military and anyone else who swears an oath to protect and defend these United States, Constitution, against enemies foreign and domestic, to their sworn oaths?

    Dare to dream.

    Yes, it would be nice. If it actually happens, about 2/3rds of the prior emplaced senior personnel should all report to the reflecting pool area and commit seppuku. Should.. Please… Include those removed or fired over the whole 'Rooshian Collusion' bullscat.

  8. You know, we could (try) and use this law against them.
    For example:
    Maxine Waters and Feinstein have guns, don't they?
    They've threatened violence against people who disagree with them, haven't they?
    Get a court order and watch the outrage over the idea that the law might apply to them as well as to us.

  9. Dog, after reading this post and the one before, I told my son I know you'd never take the job, but I know who I'd LIKE to vote to put in the White House.
    He said we might try starting with something smaller, like drafting you for Congress and not let you know what the endgame was.
    But I hate duplicity.

  10. During the Obama administration BHO got on his soapbox calling for the usual "common sense" gun control in response to yet another shooting attack.
    Some on the opposition suggested that as a good faith effort the first step ought to be to disarm the President's Secret Service protective detail. Guns are bad you know, only good for killing and all that.
    Of course the response to that idea was predictable and immediate. "How dare you threaten the life of our dear leader!"
    Thus peeling back the curtain and revealing a fundamental truth, the left do not hate guns, they hate guns in the hands of the common citizenry. Guns in their hands and the hands of their agents are necessary to properly enforce whatever rules and regulations they decide the people must obey.

  11. I agree only that if they're caught doing anything against the constitution or violating any other law that when they're sent packing they stay packing, period.

  12. Yeah and when the police find no firearms, we can then file a complaint about possession of undectable firearms.

  13. Beans, why muck up the reflecting pool? They could just go down along the Anacostia River, upstream from the Blue Plains Wastewater Treatment Plant. As the largest advanced treatment plant of its kind anywhere in the world, I'm sure it could handle the extra sewage…

  14. @MAJ Arkay: Hains Point works better, the bodies can just be 'dozed into the Potomac, to drift downriver as crab food.

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