I graduated from the Panhandle Regional Law Enforcement Academy 06 AUG 1993.

I retired from law enforcement 14 APR 2020.

It was a good ride. There were fun moments, tearful ones, times that broke my heart, and moments of exultation.

There are ghosts who whisper from the shadowed corners of my bedroom at 4am — ones that I never would have thought would be there; and others who probably should be there, but have never showed.

I have seen the ten thousand ways that man is inhumane to man; but I have also seen the nobility in everyday people, and that has been a rare and precious gift.

But it was time for me to go, and given the recent events, I probably didn’t retire too soon.

So, on to the next phase in my life. I think — and Herself agrees — that I should probably try being serious about this whole Writing Thing.

We shall see.

20+ years. Bloody hell.

LawDog (ret.)

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33 thoughts on “4/14/20”

  1. A well earned rest. You’ve done your bit to officially keep the Barbarians at bay.
    Thank you for your Service Sir!

    Ulises from California

  2. I hope to see much more of your writing. It is most excellent, and you have stories to tell.

  3. I read your short in Peter's anthology last night. It was amazingly good. I think switching to writing is a good idea.

  4. Writing definitely suits you. I’ve missed your wit in these pages. Glad you gave returned and glad you retired on your terms. Looking forward to more.

  5. Reminds me – I need to order a spare copy of The Lawdog Files for Bangor (ME) PD. Their "Duck of Justice" on Facebook is a hoot. Their problems are named "Elmer" instead of "Bubba", and the horizon is a lot closer. The stories … same mix of pathos, head-scratchers, and hilarity.

    Thank you for some excellent stories. Look to reading more, if I can stop laughing long enough to finish the page.

  6. I believe you will do well in writing. And, I don't blame you for retiring from law enforcement. I know it is not the same profession I studied in the early 90s.

  7. Do not take this writer thing seriously. You are at your best when using humor.

  8. Congratulations on your retirement! Looking forward to more writing output from you.

  9. I look forward to experiencing the fruits of your new career as eagerly as I did not of your previous!

    Heed Sanford Begley well: your writing career is far too important (to all of us) to take seriously.

  10. I've been reminded of something Joe Friday said about how critters with badges make things a whole lot harder for the honest LEO's (like you).

  11. From all indications you got out at a good time. Did a little happy dance when I saw you were blogging again. I had forced myself to only checking once a week. Looking forward to reading the output of the new career! Best of luck!

  12. Happy retirement! 20+ years is a darn good run and you made it out (mostly) intact. Now go do something fun! Like write.

  13. Time is a sneaky old bastard. Catches you at the worst moments. Twenty years at anything is bound to be something, if you dedicate yourself to doing it well. Hell. I've learned something new from a guy that swept and mopped floors for a couple of decades.

    Endings are also the beginnings we don't recognize at the time. You've probably got a story or two yet in ya. I'll probably buy 'em. Couldn't be much worse than some of the tripe going around these days.

    … that last was not a challenge. You'll do fine.

  14. I retired six years and one month ago, after just under 23 years of service.

    This year I turned 57, which is the mandatory retirement age for feds. Why 57? Because the life expectancy is 58.

    I don't know if I would have made it to 57 if I hadn't retired. Not that I'm in the best of shape, but I've enjoyed the extra years I gained.

  15. Hey Lawdog;

    You do have a gift for it, you are the only one that I know that can eviscerate someone without using one bad word. Now that takes someone that is a true wordsmith. Most people are hacks, you sir are a rapier. Now enjoy the retirement.

  16. Now is not the time for sane men to be in law enforcement. These are insane times, after all.

    Glad you made it out. Hope your good compadres do too.

  17. Retired in 2017 at 46 after 28 years total w/my agency (3 civilian right out of high school). Enjoyed every minute, most of the time. Keep yourself busy and active. Congratulations.

  18. I thank you for your service as a true Peace Officer. I'm stunned that you made it through more than a quarter century of that job without becoming jaded and broken. I look forward to you devoting more of your energies to your writing, for which the Lord has blessed you with an amazing amount of talent.

    And you can start by FINISHING THIS STORY, because I'm still waiting to see how it ends!!!


  19. Congratulations, sir. As the widow of a LEO (KHP – 19 year plus military and private security), I thank you for your service, your wit and wisdom. Enjoy your retirement and stay safe.

  20. Asked a Buddy how retirement was doing? He related best job he ever had. Hope it is the same for you. Pa State Cop.

  21. Congratulations on your retirement. Bugscuffle will miss you.

    That said, now you have time to regale us with more Africa stories, law enforcement fantasies (the motorized chariot tale), and snippets of the next book(s).

    Welcome to the world of full-time writers.

  22. Congratulations! Enjoy your retirement. You're the kind of copper that everyone should aspire to be (how many rookies have even heard of the Peelian Principles, to give just one exxample?)

    Bit difficult adapting, I'll admit. Did 6 years as a Booking Officer, 12 as an ID Officer; pulled the plug and went to the state crime lab as a latent print examiner (been at that for about 15 years now…). Speaking for myself, I still can't claim to have fully adapted from sworn to non-sworn; but, I look at the current state of affairs, I realize that, if I took the necessary action, I'd be thrown over the rail in a heartbeat, and I feel a somewhat guilty sense of relief. Make of that what you will…

    In any event, enjoy it, don't let yourself get too stressed out at the insanity that's passing for news these days, and we'll look forward to hearing sea stories from you more often (as the Statute of Limitations for each event expires, at least…)

    Semper Fidelis,

    Mike Doyle

  23. Congrats on the retirement! It takes some gettin used to. Always loved yer writing ever since the guys on either The "Armed Polite Society" forum, or was it "The Firing Line" forum, introduced me to it!

  24. Congratulations, brother. Spent 47 years as a first responder of various sorts, now totally retired. The ghosts of the past will haunt us, PTSD is a real thing. Love your other, lay your worries on the Lord, and enjoy life.

  25. Lawdog,
    Congrats on retirement! I pulled the plug in 2017 after 39 years with my city's PD. Tried a bailiff job but it wasn't for me. Now another retired buddy and I call each other 2-3 times a week to point stupidity and agree we sure are glad to be retired.
    I'm glad you are back to blogging and I look forward to more books.

    Retired Cop

  26. Bugschuffle's loss will be our gain…if ya get yer muse-fox outta her den and run down some bunnies! Or those pesky squirrels…. 😎

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