Feeling melancholy

I was banging around Facebook and wound up answering a variation of the question:  “What gun for hippopotamus”*, which kind of sent me down a bit of a rat-hole.

That map should be of the old SEDCO site that my father cut out of the Nigerian jungle. It is where my father launched a man-pig (and the tree he was laired under) into orbit with a backpack full of gelignite; where the engineers gave us the best 4th of July ever, and where we watched Brigadier-Captain Azikiwe drift down the river in a sinking boat.

The island marked “Ultralog Global Control” is where we released Squeaks the Battle Mongoose after we found out we couldn’t take him to the States; and the river around it is where we freed Electro the electric catfish, for the same reason.

I realize that nothing lasts forever — particularly in the jungle — but there’s nothing left of what dad built.

And that really sucks right now.

I’m given to understand that the AdCAP site on Saadiyat Island is even worse — apparently Abu Dhabi turned the whole island into a playground for the ultra-rich — but I never really had the same fondness for Abu Dhabi that I did for Nigeria.

Little punch in the gut to see the SEDCO site covered over with a suburb.


* The answer starts with ‘4’ and ends with ‘Rigby’ or ‘Nitro Express’.

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4 thoughts on “Feeling melancholy”

  1. I know the feeling. I get it whenever I see an area that used to be a military base where I was stationed is now a commercial airfield, or worse, an industrial park or subdivision. Like large parts of my life never existed.

  2. FlaRakBtl 23, Kilianstadten, Hesse, FRG was a Luftwaffe Nike Hercules ADA site 20 km outside Frankfurt am Rhine, with a US Army ADA 'Special Weapons' det, with my supportingSignal site. With a 297ft m/w tower. Back in 75-78. Long gone, entire kaserne is gone, and now a manufacturing site. NATO naval hq in Oerias, Portugal command was disestablished sometime in the 90's. Makes me feel old. 8*)

  3. Once one reaches a 'certain age', large swathes of one's childhood disappear physically, but remain fresh as yesterday in memory. Those places made us who we are.

    Shilling AFB, I'm looking at you…… (and the sound of fighter jets breaking the sound barrier directly overhead!)

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