Little dusting …

Well, hopefully the world has decided to quit (metaphorically) working my liver and kidneys like a speed-bag.

Firing this place back up, I think. I need to concentrate on my writing, and Facebork is too much of a time suck.

I’ve pruned out the links on the sidebar, added some more.

Long-time Gentle Readers will notice a lot of the law enforcement stuff that was on the sidebar is gone, I’m trending away from law enforcement, with pertinent news regarding that situation to be released in a bit.

All law enforcement stories are still here, never fear.

Those of you who know me on Facebook probably have a pretty good idea what that news is, but I’m keeping it under my Stetson for a bit. I promise to let everyone know when it’s the proper time.

Sharp eyes will also note the addition of a Donations button on the left. The LawDog Files will never put ads up — I can’t stand reading a site where I have to click out of an advert every ten seconds, and I refuse to inflict that on my Gentle Readers — but it has been rammed into my thick skull that a small ‘Donations” button isn’t intrusive, and apparently a good lot of you think I need one, so it’s up.

We’ll see how long it lasts.


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7 thoughts on “Little dusting …”

  1. Wait, you took down your LE stories? Those were some of my favorite ones!

  2. @TRX:

    Glad to see you posting again! You had pretty much stopped by the time I found the blog, so it will be nice to see some new material.

  3. YAY!! Ma Dawg's come back!! Good ta see you, brother. Welcome back.

  4. Welcome back Dawg! It is a pleasure to read your unique viewpoint on current events.
    Someone else in this world agrees with my point of view.

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