New anthology

Happy to report that I have a story in Peter Nealen’s anthology SpotReps.

It’s titled “Blood On The Sand”, but the working title was “Turbomurder In Tangiers”, which is a pretty good description of the story.

I’m quite chuffed to tell my Gentle Readers that I channeled my inner 1980s pulp men’s novel and went to town, so if you’re looking for humour, you might not want to pick it up. However, if you’re looking for bad guys getting shot in the face, then you might like this little story.


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9 thoughts on “New anthology”

  1. You haven't posted anything in so long, I wondered if the Earth had swallowed you up.


  2. Life is being … life. It's been sporty, but things (hopefully) should be calming down.

  3. Great anthology. Your's was one of my favorite stories. The little totty with the comb at the end was a nice touch. Aw hell…

  4. The story you had in this was the highlight of the whole collection. Both of us loved it.

  5. Bought the book. Loved it. Hope to read more. Glad your blog is back up, sort of. Hang in there.

    Retired Cop

  6. I also thought your story was one of the best.
    Especially the end with the money being given to the families of the fallen to help them to keep their honour. Got a bit blurry eyed there, I'm a sucker for doing the right thing.

  7. Happy to see ya back, LawDog! If you went over to somewhere else, I didn't follow. Just waited here, patiently, hoping you'd come back to your senses — or get less busy — and return to this blogosphere. You did! Welcome back, boyo!

  8. I liked the whole book, but really I bought it because your story's in there. Good one, LD.

  9. Loved the book, as was said above, your story was the cherry on the banana split.

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