Nothing quite like …

… Watching people get what they’ve been begging, no: crying out for.

We note with some amusement the recent happenings in the city of Portland, Oregon, where the decidedly pro-Socialist, if not full on-pro-Communist, little bugsnipes have been besieging Federal assets in that city since at least the pre-COVID contretemps over unlawful immigration.

For the record: the Federal agents conducting arrests and detentions in Portland are neither “Nameless” nor “Faceless”, and the agencies they belong to are not “Anonymous”. Every picture I’ve seen of these agents have their agency patches in clear view, as well as an ID number, but that is neither here nor there.

What just kicks over my giggle box is the fact that the protesters in Portland — these young people and their handlers who are so enamored of the centralized Big Government which is necessary for the social programs they are screaming so passionately about …

… Don’t seem to realize that kind of government inevitably comes with a side of secret police.

Every government that is big enough, and powerful enough to take enough money from enough citizens to give you that free healthcare, and that free college, and that Universal Basic Income, and that Student Loan Forgiveness, and all the other tax-funded “free” stuff that those little Marxist numpties in Portland are screaming for has a KGB, or a Stasi, or a Ministry of State Security.

Just as sure as night follows day; as sure as nits make lice; and as sure as Death — every Socialist Utopia has a Gestapo lurking somewhere.


How are you liking your free trial of Socialism, Portland?

Weren’t expecting the whole “Nacht und Nebel” thing, were you? Aww.

I’m willing to bet that if you’d taken a history course or three and actually listened, instead of searching the texts for something to be offended by, or outright burning the books, you just might have seen this coming.

And the really fun part is:  all of these arrests and detentions by BORTAC and the USMS? They ain’t a patch on what a real secret police would do to you.

Ask the kids in Hong Kong, although you’ll need ouija board to do so, I’m afraid.

Sigh. Y’all are shrieking for Socialism, but when you’re faced with the shadow of the hem of the garment of the omelette-making that real Socialism requires … you squall like kicked pups.



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  1. Part of the problem is that the college history teachers these kids wouldn't teach them about the evils of socialism. They will teach them about the evils of capitalism. They will teach them that western culture is corrupt and evil. And, they will teach them that everything bad in the world is white people's fault. Those, teachers probably told them that the KGB and Stasi are lies made up by capitalist white men.

  2. Hey Lawdog;

    Glad to see you posting again, These kids don't understand the cause and effect thing yet, they want all this big government stuff and don't realize to have all this big government stuff, the government has to have the power to ENFORCE their edicts for the big government stuff. Most people don't like being told what to do unless their is force behind it, either benign or malevolent. there is force behind it, either the velvet glove or the stick.

  3. So, all it takes to get the 'Dog to pick up the quill and make with the words, is the imminent threat of The End Of The Republic As We Know It.

    Still. As insightful as ever and well timed, sir. I look forward to seeing more of your observations as this situation unfolds. And I eagerly await your glorious response to the inevitable crackdown and push-back.

    And so it goes.

  4. Protestors: WE WANT COMMUNISM!

    Trump: Have some (light) CHEKA, too.

    Protestors: REEEEEEE

  5. Funny, how if the Feds were actually like the cannon-fodder says, live ammo and grenades would already have been deployed….and used, vigorously.

  6. Dawg, Dawg, I used to have so much respect for you. But identifiable means identifiable.

    The fact that US agencies haven't made so much as a press release to explain their insignia, the fact that they're using low-contrast velcro tear-off identification numbers, and the numerous videos and photographs in which numbers can't be seen – those add up a strong argument that the agents are "disguised" under 18 USC 241.

    I can't imagine you apologizing for Obama's men the same way. Tyranny is tyranny. That's what I thought you believed.

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