Oh, boy. Comments.

Regarding the whole Fed mess in Portland, and their uniforms:

You do remember that this is the blog of a guy who once wrote a ticket wearing this badge on a Bugs Bunny t-shirt, right?

Texas Rangers conduct arrests every day — and have for decades — in slacks, a white shirt, and a very small badge. No name visible, no agency patch, no badge number, and using unmarked cars.

Anyone ever seen an ID number on an FBI agent during their day-to-day arrests? Agency patch? Badge number? Anyone know what the official colour scheme is for an FBI vehicle?

The Border Patrol has been sued over the last decade or so for everything under the sun. If their BORTAC uniforms violated something, one of the rather well-funded law groups who cycle them through the courts would have capitalized upon that by now.

As an aside, don’t think I haven’t noticed folks who have been angrily telling me that “No-knocks are unnecessary — he could have been safely snatched off the street on his way to work!” since 1999 are squalling when people … get snatched off the street.

Likewise, don’t think I haven’t noticed the folks who have been pounding the war drum about “Police should not be using MRAPS and other military vehicles! No militarization of police!” are losing their poo about the police using civilian vehicles.

“Tommy sees”, as Kipling once wrote.

That being said, the current Fed response in Portland is not the way I would have handled it.

What should have been done is that all Federal assets in Portland should have been yanked out and re-located somewhere else. Boise, maybe. All Federal business needed to be conducted, drive to Boise.

You’ve got business in Federal court? Boise.

Your boo gets snatched up on a Federal warrant? He’s in Boise. You bonded him out? He’s been released. In Boise.

I would house all Federal personnel in hotels in Boise, and send an itemized bill to Portland every week for their housing. And when Portland refused to pay, I’d have a press conference on the courthouse steps, explain the issue, and gently explain that because Portland wasn’t paying their bill, we would be deducting the costs from Federal monies going to Portland.

And when Portland started refusing to pay taxes, I’d get my best legal minds to write the arrest warrants, crossing every ‘t’, and dotting every ‘i’, and they’d be incarcerated in Boise.

Portland should be left to burn. They voted the idiots into office who are allowing this to happen, the citizens are tolerating this stupidity, and they should be left to wallow in it until the citizens decide to fix their issues.


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  1. Gotta include the Post Office. Want your mail? With your Social Security check? Go to Boise.

  2. I agree with everything, except the Boise part. Too close to home!

    Somewhere in Kansas, I think. There's a Fed penitentiary in Kansas, right?

  3. One of my friends, while working narcotics, typically wore jeans and a t-shirt. One day while serving a warrant at a known drug house answered the landline phone. It was someone asking if he had any drugs to sell. "Sure, come on over." He throws a kimono on that had been sitting on a chair, grabs a guitar out of the hallway and answered the door, "Come on in." Guy enters, they haggle little, "by the way, you're now under arrest." One of the other officers took a photo of him.

  4. "Somewhere in Kansas, I think. There's a Fed penitentiary in Kansas, right?"

    Ewwww, no. How about Wyoming?

  5. A few thoughts, One, yeah Boise is already turning blue, we don't need all those deep state federal employees. Maybe move them to a remote military base? Second point, move the TSA inspectors out of Oregon, and close the airports. Third remove FDIC protection from Oregon banks.

  6. Don't incarcerate them in Boise, it's too nice.

    Ft. Irwin. 29 Palms, maybe.

  7. One of the big problems, if not the root of all the problems, with Portland (Moscow on the Columbia), and all similar large cities, is that people who move there for the free "amenities", often don't pay taxes, but do vote. So they vote for the candidates who promise them more free stuff (usually democrat/socialist candidates). And when there are more of the non-tax payers than there are tax payers, the people who actually pay the taxes get screwed.

    Down here in Berkeley on the Willamette (Eugene), we've seen a little bit of the rioting, but nothing like Portland has. If the rioting does move south again, and out of the downtown core/university area, the situation will probably be removed from the care and consideration of the local constabulary quickly, forcefully, and permanently (for some participants).

  8. Several relatives in and around Portland. Most are affiliated with maritime traffic. They tell me Pantifa tried to mess with the Longshoreman Hall, once.

  9. I live in Aloha (one-time home of "Rowdy" Roddy Piper), just west of Portland. Most folk here would be happier if there were some way to split Portland from the counties it's closest to (Multnomah; Washington; Clackamas), so the "little people" can legally tell Portland to FOADIAF. Same with splitting Salem and Eugene from their counties.

    And I saw the same phenomenon when I spent the first 18 years of my life in the San Fernando Valley, part of Los Angeles County — "we want to split off, but there's no way of doing it Lawfully; sheer numbers prevent it". (I use this whenever someone tells me: "You're White — you can't possibly know what it is to be a Minority.")

    And this is why I always advocate the Violent Response when asked "how should we go about this?" — simple arithmetic says there is no lawful Way to accomplish it; the only way to win is through Open Revolt and Ultraviolence — "he pulls a knife, you pull a gun; he sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the *morgue*". Anything less is limp-wristed moral faggotry whose speaker needs to be beaten down with hammers.

    "If Violence is not the answer, the question is irrelevant."

  10. Hey Lawdog;

    Process them through a federal Pen…Ain't there a supermax around there somewhere?

  11. I enjoy pointing out to ass-hats that if the "systemic racism" they bitch about existed, there'd be a Hell of a body-count, piled up in Minneapolis and Portland by now…

  12. Whilst I do not like the idea of welcome such… creatures.. to Minnesota, the idea of them having to deal with Frostbite, er, International Falls *does* amuse me.

  13. Don't let it burn. Timed correctly, all those lovely dams upstream can be used to flush twice. Just give our kind of folks a "Noah" alert first.

  14. Send them to Governor Nuisance’s vineyard in California. He’s been screwing with us all this while & deserves to feel the pinch.

    Ulises from CA

  15. Ship them somewhere north of Fairbanks, where it's forty-five below
    Where the Northern Lights are gleaming o'er the endless ice and snow
    Let them labor for their living, working in the Arctic mines
    While their keepers mock their suffering and make fun of all their whines.

  16. Federal facilities shouldn't place a burden on any other state.

    Move it all to DC.

  17. "Anonymous Not a Rocket Scientist said…

    I agree with everything, except the Boise part. Too close to home!

    Somewhere in Kansas, I think. There's a Fed penitentiary in Kansas, right?"

    Leavenworth is between work and home, so how about a new place out west in 'antelope and tumbleweed' territory – equal distance from KC and Denver?

  18. Federal statute requires certain court functions, such as grand jury and petit jury trials, be held in the district where some part of the crime occurred and Boise is not in the District of Oregon. Pendleton, however, seems like a nice little town and would fit the bill.

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