Writing music

I can’t write if there’s music with words in it being played.

My mind takes the words coming in my ears, and completely blocks the words coming out of my fingers.

However, when I’m writing and I hit a point where the words are jumbling together trying to come out, I find that if I step away from the screen, and listen to some music away from my writing area, it sometimes resets things, and the words start coming out in order again.

When I was writing ‘Blood On The Sand’, my initial story was supposed to end in the souk, eating tajine with Bob Reno, but the words started piling up, so I went into the backyard to pace with my Pandora app on my phone.

This song came up, and I listened to it three or four times before coming back inside and writing the final scene.

Rather proud of the last bit. Some folks have offered that it’s a bit cheesy, but I’m a sucker for the old pulps, where the good guys are good; the bad guys lose; and there’s at least a chance of happiness no matter how crappy things are.


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  1. I'm the same way when studying or anything that requires concentration and memorization.

    Used to have tapes of nothing but instrumentals just for studying when I went through various .mil schools and courses.

    Now it's an MP3 playlist on my phone, tablet or computer.

  2. Wow, all the stories I read so far in the Anthology were … well, not fun given the subject matter, but very well told and enlightening. Orwell was way more succinct than "because rough men stand ready to [be a fairly significant pain in the ass]

  3. I have to learn more about this singer. And the arraignment was fantastic. I am an old guy who had a day job as a foundry worker, but had a gig as a sax player in a rock band at night. Of course, my first love was jazz, and I played where ever I could that had jam nights, where they played blues or jazz.
    I had college scholarships both for music and to play football, but instead I started working.

  4. Dear Sir,

    I am delighted to see that you are back with us, at least for a little while. My Lady has many health issues, and I have been reading the stories from both your books to her. She is particularly fond of the Africa tales, and the phrase “Devil Children!” has become part of the family vocabulary (applied to mischievous felines). Thank you for the gift of laughter. It is not (thank providence) in short supply in this house, but every bit helps.

    I still hope you will tackle a more complete autobiography of your years in Africa, in the manner of the late Mr. Durell, but anything you care to write will be welcomed.

  5. Just to say Good to see you back, Sod the detractors and I loved the end of Blood in the Sand.

    Is there any word of your books being available On UK Kindle? I want to gift them to my brother-in-law.

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