In biker and inmate slang “FAFO” is a useful term. It is a low-level warning, a general statement about the Nature Of Things, and a kind of Zen philosophy.

It stands for “F(ool) Around and Find Out”, understanding that the first word isn’t “fool”. The past tense is: “F(ool)ed Around and Found Out”.

As a warning, it also implies that the person should accept responsibility for the consequences.

The best example of this was when I was walking through Intake, and spotted Waldo the Wonder Biker leaning against a corner of the holding tank, both eyes swollen shut, nose broken, and blood from his waist to the back of his head. Blinking a bit from the surprise I asked Waldo what happened.

Hocking a bloody lump the size of a kiwi fruit in my general direction, he growled, “I [deleted] around and found out, LT.”

Whole bunch of folks who have been fooling around in far-Left Democratic strongholds are taking their foolishness into less-Leftist areas … and finding out.

The latest is in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and seems to be a pretty spectacular example of “Finding Out”, and while I won’t speculate on the legal details of the shooting, some of the pictures are probably going to wind up in trauma lectures.

Folks f(ool)ed around, they found out; and now the million-dollar questions are: 1) Will they take responsibility for their [deleted]ing around that led to the finding out? 2) Will everyone else learn from this, and modifying their future fooling around?

Survey says:  Probably not.



Not family friendly.
Clown shoes all the way down.

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  1. I think this was what the rioters want. They want people to stand up to them. They need the dead bodies-their "Kent State Moment" as I've heard it called. They think it will mobilize all their allies to their flag. I reckon we'll see how that works out for them over the next few days.

    1. The problem that the left has now is that its *normal people* and not the National Guard / Police / Feds / Whatever that are doing the shooting now. If they try to make a "Kent State" out of something like *that*, all they will do is galvanize their opposition imho.

  2. Shooter was a 17 year old who ran away home crossing state lines.
    He is now charged with 2 murders and arrested locally.

    1. Um, he lives literally across the state kine from Kenosha. I have to drive further to get to a mall, and I *don't live in BFE. He apparently works in Kenosha, has friends and family in Kenosha, etc.

      This is the equivalent of a kid from Brooklyn showing up in Manhattan (roughly about the same travel time), or a kid from Alexandria going into Georgetown.

  3. Judging from the video, the last two people he shot were legitimate self-defense. I've seen nothing of the first person he shot, so I have no opinion on that, but the second guy he killed was trying to beat him with a skateboard, and the one he wounded was carrying a Glock in his hand. I also heard what sounded like shots afterward that the man with the rifle did not appear to fire. On the second two, I'd vote to acquit.

  4. It's about as clear of a case of self-defense as there is. No Jury will find him guilty and the DA would be a fool to press charges.
    The claim he shot someone else first, is probably bogus, or those with guns would have been using them on him already. And honesty? If he had shot someone else prior to this, they probably deserved it.
    Also if they don't have video of him doing the first shooting, any eyewitness 'testimony' will easily be impeached, as these protestors are notorious for lying.

    Tonight will be the acid test. Will the protestors come back? Or will they go seeking easier prey?

    And something to think about: Has anyone else noticed how quickly the antifa/BLM forces were mobilized and shipped into the area? That means logistics and logistics means MONEY and LEADERSHIP. These aren't random wacko's folks – you're witnessing an army of irregulars who are well supported.
    So how long until the actually -trained- forces put in an appearance?

  5. Video of the whole evening shows the first rioter casualty was throwing a Molotov at the kid and his group who were defending a gas station–first shot. The kid then went running towards the nearest cop car he saw, and was heard calling 911 and reporting that he had shot someone, and was pursued. Then he tripped, and was attacked by the guy with the skateboard, second casualty. The third guy initially backed off, then charged again, third shot. Then the kid was advanced on by the final man with the pistol–who got half his arm shot off. The kid then made his way BACK towards the gas station, and *immediately* put his hands up and tried to surrender to the local police, advancing in cars and trucks. He did not "flee across state lines" he did *exactly* what he should have done. I watched this happen in REAL TIME on two different feeds I had open on my computer. The videographers got together after and compared what angles they had, and were talking with the police.

  6. Well,….paint me green and call me Gumby! Lawdog!!…. yer back! I lost track of ya a few years ago and damn,… the new posts are just making me grin like a jug-eared mule! Good to find ya again olde son. FAFO! I like it. Gotta add that to the repertoire
    I saw the videos. One lesson learned, don't bring a skateboard to a gun fight. I was expecting this to happen, but as you said in your previous post… don't give it to them….yet. I would love to know what the ROE for the Natl Guard are for tonight

  7. Guess what?
    The guy shot in the arm? The guy with the Glock who tried to sneak up on the kid and shoot him?
    He's a FELON. Yup, not allowed to have firearms.

  8. I knew most of the context but your summary is succinct and accurate. Thanks.
    The blame falls on the mayor and governor.I
    Still this is just foreplay.
    The backlash has not yet started and I hope the rioting/looting stops before we hit the point of no return.I
    But, what must be done will be done …

    "I wish it need not have happened in my time," said Frodo. "So do I," said Gandalf, "and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us."

  9. I notice the press both over there and here in the UK are very quick to condemn the shooter for having a firearm but make little or no mention of the fact that the third attacker also had a gun and one which was held illegally at that.

  10. I keep forgetting i am not in the Army or working at the regional Prison anymore and I have to censor myself on FAFO. Fooled is the G rated version.

  11. The Grosskreutz guy (shot in the arm) is not a felon (at least in Wisconsin), but he was convicted of possession of a firearm while intoxicated (which is in the most serious category of misdemeanors). He has a couple other fines, evictions, things like that on his record, but no other criminal history (as an adult, in Wisconsin). He says he has a CCL (so can't be a felon).

    Here's the URL to his carrying while drunk conviction:

    What I can't tell from the videos & photos is if he even had a medic bag with him that night. The victim (Kyle) did, and had given a video interview so there's lots of evidence of his intent.

  12. And BTW, 2 of the people shot (including Grosskreutz) came from further away (in both miles & time) than Kyle did. It just sounds bad to say that Kyle came from out of state.

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