Feeling colonial and pugnacious


2 ounces gin
5 ounces tonic water

Put your ice in a highball glass, and squeeze in some lime. Add the gin, I prefer Plymouth, but New Amsterdam was all I could find. 

Gently pour in your tonic water — you don’t want to lose too much of the fizz. I like Fever-Tree’s Premium Indian, but any good one will do. 

Squeeze in some more lime (Gunsmith Joe recommends “double the amount of lime you think should be in there”), and sip on your front porch while glaring at the neighbors and wondering if they have a flag.


Well, my days of not taking you seriously ...
On tyranny

8 thoughts on “Feeling colonial and pugnacious”

  1. Dave Arnold writes a book called "Liquid Intelligence" in which he describes, among other things, the recipe for a perfect gin and tonic. It's worth a read if you like finely crafted drinks.

  2. I claim this house in the name of… ‘scuse me… in the name of ME!

  3. New Amsterdam? T'isn't Gin. Not sure what it is, but pretty sure it's not Gin….

  4. And, off course, the Fascist Left would be horrified if we took that supposed parallel one step and suggested that, like the WWI war gasses, Covid was deliberately created to kill people….

    Not, mind you, that I have any evidence that it was. If, as some evidence suggests, the Fund Flu was a laboratory creation, I think it far likelier that it was a product of the Communist Dynasty in China wanting to pretend they are actually a modern Nation instead of a feudal empire, and messing with stuff hey were incompetent to control.

  5. Ah, yes, I had a gin and tonic just the other day.
    More recently I had a Negroni – gin, Campari, vermouth. A friend thought it would be interesting but could hardly bring herself to say the word.

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