5 thoughts on “Not family friendly.”

  1. I'm seeing this response being reported from multiple cities. The police are leaving due to no support, and the citizens and businesses are leaving because they don't want what livelihood they've been able to maintain during Covid19 being destroyed. Pretty soon those areas aren't going to have any LEOs, or places remotely nearby to purchase food, clothing and essentials because they are burning their own neighborhoods.
    Anyone read "Lord of the Flies" lately?

  2. Additional…..I would start selling any real-estate you might have in the afflicted areas….if/while you still can.

  3. Goo to see Waldo back again. Does he have any further exploits you might share in the future? The story of Waldo and the Veteran still brings tears to my eyes.

  4. The Left is getting exactly what they say they want: No capitalists meaning no food, or toilet paper. No police because that's just " brutality".
    Sh*t in your own messkit; guess what you get to eat?

    People are getting fed up.
    In Allen, Texas, we back our cops. As for private citizens? Actual rioters /arsonists will likely be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of Texas Penal Code 9.42 or 9.32 or 9.33 as applicable.

    LawDog- a personal invite: You are invited to come shoot at our new range facility- Texas Legends Gun Range and Training Center, LLC, 1499 Central Expressway North, Allen, Texas, 75013.

    Next time you head east into the Metroplex, stay on SH 121/Sam Rayburn Tollway until you hit US 75/Central Expressway. Turn south two miles to our place. We are across Central from Rudy's Barbecue and Cabela's. I provide these helps because Google Maps still shows our facility as a vacant lot.
    You may come incognito. Tell the range staff that CPT Taggart said " On his acct". If I am there, I would love to shake your hand- I have been reading about your experiences, both in Bugscuffle County and elsewhere for years, and greatly appreciate your work.

    CPT Taggart

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