Requiescat in pace

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed on.

Though I disagreed with some of her decisions, she was passionate, honourable, articulate, and her legal decisions were well-thought.

I hope that memories of the good times provide a solace to her kith and kin; and I will light a candle for her shade.

Walk in beauty, Joan Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


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19 thoughts on “Requiescat in pace”

  1. I wish she had been allowed to gracefully retire and enjoy her golden years. Till Valhalla

  2. I didnt always agree with her decisions, but she stood her ground and stayed true to her convictions… I respect that. Rest in Peace ma'am.

  3. While I didn't always agree with her, there wasn't a single time her rulings or opinions didn't give me reason to pause and think. She always treated others with respect and honor, even when she disagreed. That's something sorely missing in today's society.

    She led a life to be admired. Requiescat in Pace indeed.

  4. She stayed true to her beliefs which is something I can admire.

    People who's reasoning change with the political wind I find disgusting. Yes Judge Roberts I mean you.


  5. Mao, Stalin, Lennin, etc stated true to their beliefs.
    She was an oxidizer in the corroding of the Constitutional Republic. Roberts doing his part too.

  6. @jamieintexas

    Yeah, but she's not slappin' hands with Beria on the daily or killing entire species just because. Disagreement is part of healthy discourse. To equivocate disagreement with mass murder is honestly pretty shitty- and a very woke move, bruh.

    We disagreed with her, we fought her, but in the end, we gotta honor the woman for being thoughtful and diligent. No need to impugn her character.

  7. May she Rest In Peace.

    She was political until the very end and the country will pay a high price for her pride and arrogance. Though extremely sick she stayed on the court, lying about her health, because she could not stand the thought of Trump naming her replacement.

    In the end it happened anyway.

    I wish her as much good will as the left gave to Justice Scalia.


  8. MacArch said it better than I could. I thought justice was supposed to be blind..

    Rest in peace and good riddance.

  9. In what possible way was she honorable? She violated her oath of office on a daily basis.

    I agree her decisions were well thought out. They just had nothing to do with the law or the Constitution.

    "Oh, I'm glad that you are dead you rascal, you!"

  10. As I recall, she suggested that the S. African Constitution was better than the U.S. constitution, for a form of govt. Plus, her abortion support was troubling.

  11. She was a powerful voice for women, a mighty example of resistance against cancer, and a generally pleasant person to be around if Justice Scalia is a good reference. Rest in peace, Justice Ginsberg.

  12. Um. For those of you assume Ginsberg wasn't 'allowed' to retire or 'feared' being replaced: US Supreme Court Judges are appointed FOR LIFE. She could have (and should have) retired any time she pleased, and sick or not she had no reason to fear being unwillingly replaced, so there was no need for her to lie about it.

  13. 30 million or so humans aborted before they were able to live might disagree.

  14. Carlos the Jackal said…
    30 million or so humans aborted before they were able to live might disagree.

    You do realize that Roe v. Wade was several years /prior/ to Justice Ginsburg being on the Supreme Court?

    Or, in simpler language:

    This is the Supreme Court who debated Roe v. Wade:
    Chief Justice:
    Warren E. Burger

    Associate Justices:
    William O. Douglas
    William J. Brennan Jr.
    Potter Stewart
    Byron White
    Thurgood Marshall
    Harry Blackmun
    Lewis F. Powell Jr.
    William Rehnquist

    Kindly point out Ruth Bader Ginsburg on that court. We'll wait.

  15. Laziness, Anonymous, pure laziness. Or, maybe, pure disingenuousness?

    Why do you think so many pro-abortion snowflakes are having conniption and hissy fits?

    Where was Ginsburg in the fairly recent case from Louisiana's ability to regulate medical practices?

    Internet search for: Ruth Ginsburh abortion cases

    Another recent example:

    Decided June 28, 2000

    Remember, this is done on a LIVE baby.

  16. I have read many an obituary with great pleasure , Sam Clemons / Mark Twain

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