*cue maniacal laughter*

During the lead-up to the little unpleasantness variously known as “Desert Storm”, “The First Gulf War”, and “Opening Moves Of The Latest Unending War” the US military instituted a mandatory anthrax vaccination program.

Right, wrong, or indifferent, that vaccine has been blamed for a lot of ills being suffered by veterans of that conflict, so — out of curiosity, you understand — I asked some Desert Storm veterans if they were planning on taking the COVID vaccine.

The replies were … unprintable. One might even say “corrosive in the extreme”. The politest response was maniacal laughter, followed by, “You’re serious? [Deleted] that, ask me again after someone else has guinea-pigged it for a couple of years.”

I haven’t seen any outreach towards those folks, or to the families and caretakers of those folks afflicted with Gulf War Syndrome, who (correctly or incorrectly) attribute that condition to the mandatory vaccine.

Nothing on the media, or from the Fed.gov.

Y’all might want to get ahead of the curve on that one.

Just saying.


John Farnam was right

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  1. I canvased out two Patriotic Sand War vets and the answers were No and Hell No.


  2. Required for the job…….and I'm really on the fence about it. If I can delay a bit, I might get myself moved before they come for me….

  3. I'm happily letting our elected officials and those over 70 get it first. I'm afraid that the shot might become mandatory for a foreign trip I have scheduled 2Q, but I also expect that to get rescheduled.

    I had a co-worker whose son got too many Gulf War vaccines at once. The side-effects gave him epilepsy, the loss of his helicopter pilot's license and his driver's license, and a disability discharge (not 100%, though). I doubt he's getting the Kung Flu vaccine either.

  4. In the military, vaccines are mandatory, but the USN has made this Voluntary!

  5. im a bit young for the 1st gulf war bit of it but i was in uniform for the dust up with the anthrax vaccine in the early to mid 2000's yeah that was all kinds of fun so a snowball has a better chance in hell than me getting the kung flu shot

  6. If I was a conspiracy fanatic, I'd think this would be the knockout punch to get rid of all those pesky old folks that think their years of contributions to Social Security meant they would someday get their share.

  7. I'm 76, and it will be administer with me held down by people stronger. My other option is seeing how two Benjis in the right palm can amend my records. Worked for the regular flu shots.

  8. Hey Lawdog;

    As a first Gulf War Vet, Yep my response was pretty much "Yeah Right, pull on the other one…it has bells one it….."

  9. I've gotten the required jabs for Africa and SE Asia, been told I can't donate blood for… a while? No way in hell am I getting this one.

    That being said, I've had it*. Touch wood, but it was a 10 day shitty cold with lack of taste. Minor fever ONE whole evening, which was gone when I woke up thanks to that miracle drug alka-seltzer. Also loaded up on emergen-c vitamin C/D/Zinc.

    Do tell me again why I just HAVE to take this vaccine, or else? Eat a bag of dicks, .gov.

    * Full disclosure, I'm 35 and in reasonable health. 30 lbs over weight but otherwise good.

  10. People have been falling apart all around me here & im in the worst possible health range, so I’ll wait a bit before taking it.

    Ulises from California

  11. Considering the 'number' of inoculations and the things we've eaten all over the world, I'll pass for now.

  12. Old enough to start being in the danger zone, plus a couple of "this makes it worse" problems. I'll get the shot after a few hundred million get it and don't turn into zombies or anything else unpleasant.

  13. I'm not getting it either, though I worry that my employers will require it. City government job where the local leadership is conservative in a liberal controlled state.
    And the media reporting on negative side effects from the shots?
    Don't count on it.
    We're gonna have to keep our ear to the ground for that.

  14. 20+ year USAF retired. I took the full anthrax vaccine series after talking to a veterinarian. He'd taken the first series and a booster shot every year for 30ish years.

    I will not be taking the covid-19 vaccines. Approach me with a needle and tell me I have to take it will be a good way to get your ass shot.

    10 years from now (if society hasn't collapsed) you'll see an advertisement on TV — "Did you or a loved one take the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine? You may be entitled to compensation….."

  15. Bleh –
    No, you won't be seeing that ad in 10 years.
    The gov't has given Pfizer complete complete immunity from any criminal or civil liability.
    If it goes south, you're SOL.

    P.S. I'm in health care, and I'm not gonna get the shot if I can help it.

  16. Nope. Already have Gulf War Syndrome and ALL of the BS health issues thank you very much.

  17. I have an excuse. My arthritis treatments play hell with my immune system, so inoculations have to be done rather carefully. As long as I can wait, I will.

  18. Ahh, you thought of this TOO!
    My bro was USMC up to 2000. He was max unhappy about the anthrax testing they mandated.
    And I got a call from him when he chose(haha that word is flat raped context) to take the damn thing, rather than be booted.
    SCORCHING PISSED OFF is an understatement… Sucks when all you can do for someone, is listen, and their level of dismay, says far more…
    I been meaning to look him up to talk again…
    Kinda Ironic… Cause same time frame(before anthrax games)~ ANYONE ELSE HERE RECALL???
    They took a poll of the service (USMC at least), about enlisted acting(following orders to…) against US citizens IN country… and it was a resounding HELL NO! and the TOP BRASS were PISSED!
    Think About That!
    Cause it wasn't a "test" of the regulations, trick question. It was straight up poll questions of following orders and the overall refusal was NOT well received. It was on e of th ethings he didn't call about, but discussed in person on leave.
    Obviously, the anthrax thing after that bunch of tripe, sounded like compound insult.
    Again, wish I had better recall on the fallout from displeasing the bosses… They made it felt though…
    ps: yah, NO interest in being part of it.
    pss: as to retarded manadatory talk of china19vax, what abt folks who already were ill and recovered? I know… DO it ANYWAY! Muhahaha…
    ugh, nevermind, we ARE all in choir here.

  19. Nope, I DO NOT trust my Government. At ALL. EVER. Cold Warrior/Gulf I Vet. Nopers. If they say it's for my own good, I know they are lying …… if they say it's for the Common Good …. fuck them, I've seen the People of Walmart. Let the chips fall where they may.

  20. Apologies for the OT, but will you consider posting an advice to law/military column covering the events in D.C.? You've lived in interesting places/interesting times before, and have a lot of LE experience. What's your advice to the middle NCOs and local LEOs?

  21. My wife and I are both in the age range where we would get it if proven effective. Having said that, we'll wait a bit. ISTR that the Swine Flu vaccine, also rushed, had some "problems" back in the day, and a report has just come out that a number of seniors getting the shot upped and died.

    Maybe later. Much. Later.

  22. I’m 73 and will get the “vaccine” when they dig me out of my pile of expended brass.

  23. I think this post needs an update… With current events being what they are.

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