John Farnam was right

Respected firearms instructor John Farnam has a couple of quotes that I would like folks to meditate upon.

“Don’t go stupid places. Don’t hang out with stupid people. Don’t do stupid things.”


“Asking for trouble is a pretty good way to get it.”

Matter-of-fact, I would like folks to meditate upon these quotes until about, oh, February. And as far away from Washington DC, and/or any State Capitol as is physically possible.

I understand that folks are irate, but right now … you can’t do any good. There is no way. shape, or fashion — short of Odin showing up to personally smite some dacoits — that you can win. 

You can, on the other paw, do a great deal of bad.

Take the anger that you are feeling right now, and channel it into passion. Constructive passion.  Find a candidate who exemplifies what you want in a representative and start — now — setting the ground for the 2022 mid-term election. And dedicate the next two years to building that candidate’s support.

Stop supporting toxic social media. If you feel that social media is unfairly biased against you — why are you supporting them with your presence? Facebook, and Twitter, honestly don’t give a warm bucket of rat expectorant about you.

They do, however, listen to their pocketbooks. As my friend Jay says, “Money talks, but cash screams.” 

Don’t just stop posting on social media — delete your accounts there. Advertisers will notice. The stock market will notice. And shortly thereafter … the tech oligarchs will notice. Make them whimper.

But don’t go to DC for a kittenish little march. There are ten thousand ways that will go bad, and no way for it to go right. Don’t go picket your State Capitol, because they’re not going to listen.

On Inauguration Day, you don’t need to see the Plagiarist Of The United States take his oath of office. Nielsen ratings are still a thing — turn off your TeeVee that day. Step out on your front porch and flip the bird DC-wise, if you need to, then zorch your Facebook account. Nuke your Twitter account.

If you feel you have to scream your outrage at the whores and catamites in Washington DC, do so from your back porch. You will have exactly the same effect, with little chance of it being used to hurt everyone else.

I’m begging you:  Don’t go to DC or your State Capitol. Those are stupid places. Don’t go there with your new social media friends, because those are stupid people. And don’t protest. They’re looking for a reason, and you protesting is stupidity that you’re handing them on a silver platter.



Requiscat in pace
*cue maniacal laughter*

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  1. Amen brother.
    Can't fix it in the near-term, but can longer term.

    Don't make yourself a tool for them to use, either. Stay. Away.

    Sadly, too many won't hear your message.

  2. Good advice, and necessary at this time. Regardless of what is reported, there are tens of millions that now well informed and determined. They can speak with their wallets, and that will be noticed.

  3. I remember those days when the Internet was the answer to the Media acting as gatekeeper to the news. Now they're back in control and once again the news is what they Media says the news is. I can't help feeling like not only have we lost the battle, but we're in an even worse position than we started.

  4. Stupid in a crowd can multiply and remultiply until it's out of control.

    Staying away from stupid is a smart idea.

  5. While I agree with your sentiment that protesting at this time is a bad idea, I also think that your theory on voting them out in 2022 is based upon the theory that voting is still on the up and up. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't vote, but as this past election demonstrated, your vote is unlikely to matter. I wouldn't have that be my only plan.

    As far as boycotts: They don't work, either. There has been a boycott of Disney for years, because of their hosting of "gay days." Disney doesn't care. The NFL has lost a third of its viewers over the kneeling scandal. They don't care.

    This isn't just about Biden versus Trump. This is about the legitimate government versus authoritarian rule.

    Sure, avoid the protests. They are an obvious trap. However, I don't see voting or boycotting working, either.

  6. Hey Lawdog;

    I have been screaming far and wide to avoid any near term protest of the usurper, it is an excuse for the powers that be to scarf people up and make their lives miserable and to tarnish the conservative movement and ratchet down on the freedom we have. I'm hoping the donks will overreach as they tend to do and be voted out of office but they have perfected the cheat and the ballot box is almost a formality now so I have reservations about the process unless somehow the stupid party is able to repair the ballot box debacle with the mail in's and the dominion machines.

  7. "While I agree with your sentiment that protesting at this time is a bad idea, I also think that your theory on voting them out in 2022 is based upon the theory that voting is still on the up and up. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't vote, but as this past election demonstrated, your vote is unlikely to matter. I wouldn't have that be my only plan."

    Voting, for the most part, is still on the up-and-up.

    Any voting fraud that happened was small and contained — 99% of precincts were not targeted.

    Now, if you're in one of the targeted precincts — sorry, you're probably right. The rest of the House of Representatives — I think your vote is still pretty honest.

  8. Don/t give your opponenet a free shot. Make the earn it. For instance don't parade around with your AR suited up like you are gonig on a drug raid or assaulting an iSIS bunker line. Taking trash about the usurper and knee pads and how you are going to show them is counter-productive. If they(the Usurper and knee pads)had brain one in their heads they would tone down the rhetoric (tell AOC and the squad to put a sock in it for a while anyway) and work with repubilicans on some of the smaller issues as a start. Hold out the olive branch to the republicans. Get those smaller issues done (this is what the majority of country wants ANYWAY). I do not know about anybody else but I am tired of the one upsmanship and political backbiting. Example: Pelosi and the covid relief bill. Can't give the other side a win. How many small businesses went belly up during that time. DID anybody in the Trump adminstration reach out to a small business owner that would go under and ask him to explain their plight to the country. I did not see it ANYWHERE.

    I am NOT a demonrat or a republicrat. I am an AMIERICAN CITIZEN and I am tired of the political theatre in Washington DC. I am also sick of the POLITICAL PROPAGANDA coming out of the LAME STREAM media. TheY are supposed to be UNBIASED, YEAH RIGHT. One thing I would like to see is when a talking head is on the idiot box, a crawl goes across the bottom of the screen with a LIST of ALL the POLITCAL CONTRIBUTIONS they made for the last 4 years. This would show the public where they are putting their money. And what their political agenda is up front NOT hiding behind the falsity of an unbiased reporter. Well I ranted long enough

  9. “ The rest of the House of Representatives — I think your vote is still pretty honest.”

    Look up California in the 2018 election. Numerous House seat were stolen with the recently legalized “Ballot Harvesting” scheme

  10. Sabre: As long as you use idiotic terms like "lame stream media" no one takes you seriously.

    Just sayin'.

  11. Permission to share this on various social media platforms (with credit, of course) for my more "excitable" right wing friends?

  12. I plan to stay put, outside of a job interview ( lost mine due to our FASCIST Governor).

    Sadly, I live in the LA Commisariat of the People’s Republic of Kalifornia.


  13. I saw those red and yellow posters and my reaction was:

    "Wait, they're not serious? All this is missing is the Obvious Plant label."

    Stay away from D.C. and the capitols.

  14. "Permission to share this on various social media platforms (with credit, of course) for my more "excitable" right wing friends?"

    Of course.


  15. This is the advice of losers to losers… and yes, you LOST. Don't do anything to make the Marxists mad at us. We wouldn't want to give them an excuse to make us look bad. THIS is why you lost. You DO NOT understand that the revolution just happened. There was a WAR and you lost. It is over.

  16. Avoid crowds. Bad things tend to magnify the more people packed into the incident area. Trusting politicians is *always* foolish. Rarely do they do anything useful. This is why, generally speaking, gridlock is better than one party or the other with the advantage. Long as they are distracted with arguing with each other, they aren't actively screwing me and mine.

  17. Posting that we can vote in better people in '22 is a joke. The Dems won't be distracted by the push for president, so they can focus on stealing all the rest. Voting has become a waste of time, since the Dems have proven they can steal it at will. They will never allow the voting system to be repaired. We are not voting our way out of this. That's wishful thinking.

  18. I used today as an opportunity to dump Chrome and Firefox as browsers on my personal desktop, and painlessly switched to Brave.

    Seriously, painless. Downloaded, installed, imported settings from Chrome and (as Brave is a Chromium based browser), everything moved over seamlessly including my stored passwords.

  19. In the interest of OPSEC….

    When – not if – people anywhere do things in response to this week's banana republican travesty, they should keep those secrets as far as possible, including if necessary taking them to their graves. No brags, no reports, no after-actions, nothing.

    What's coming will be UFOs.

    Unidentified F*cking Objections. "Something happened, but nobody knows anything about it."

    If we get a republic back someday, it can be discussed. But until then…..

    "The First Rule of Patriot Club, is you DON'T TALK about Patriot Club".

  20. 'Stupid times/places/things/people'
    I've been preaching that to people ever since I heard it put that way.

    I just wish some people had listened.

  21. What ya’ll are saying not to do, sure has seemed to work out just fine for the fascist left.

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