14 thoughts on “Oh, fer the luvva …”

  1. And now we're getting into the deep fake videos… Green screen? Possibly. If in fact that grey mic was supposedly so far from him, how did his hand come over the top of it? And they whole thing with the top of his head/hair 'disappearing' Video compression my ass. Looks more like a reflection from his bald spot caused that.

  2. In the first video, at 7-8 seconds in, the green fuzzy microphone appears to go beneath his hand. Then, without him moving closer or away, at 9 seconds, his hand goes over the top of the gray fuzzy microphone, and the green one appears closer than his left hand, and also a second later closer than his right hand as he backs away.

  3. Okay, it's one of TWO things. But yes, this video is 100 percent fake and there's a lot going on in here to hide the fake. The disappearing 'head' is really just his white hair matching the white background which would NOT occur if he was actually there.

    First off, everything in the video – except for biden – is real. That was all filmed, without there being someone there. I don't think there was a stand in, because notice that they do NOT show his feet! Getting feet to move across the ground realistically is damn near impossible in these types of videos. Even trained actors screw it up.

    Second, either Biden is in front of a green screen and they're filming him OR they cut him out of a video from a period of time ago and used THAT. If someone wants to do the research, you may be able to find it, the key is his tie. That's not a typical dem power tie. But if you watch it, you'll notice there's a slight 'line blur' around him as he walks. That shows that he was pasted in. That's why his hands are in front of the microphones. If you stop the playback you can see the same green line around the hand that's in front of the microphone.

    This IS NOT an artifact. I used to work in the business, I understand compression. I know how MPEG 4 works, I used to test the equipment that does it.

  4. What JVS said.

    There's green fuzz across both shoulder lines from greenscreen, which doesn't appear from the perfect diffusion of light outdoors on an overcast day. And the editing software loses his head in the haze.

    Wherever he was when he really appeared, even if it was that place and time, the video has been monkeyed with.

    So if he pulled this off as advertised, why screw around with it…?

    He's already the Fraudulent president, now they're adding a second-award bronze star for being the Photoshop president?

    Handwaving "don't believe your lying eyes" scepticism doesn't cut it as an explanation.

    But for the people who think Tom Hanks was really in the Oval Office with JFK and LBJ as Forrest Gump, one can understand why this discussion is all a waste of time.

  5. After Biden signs the upcoming intolerable gun control bill, the secret service might feel it won't be safe for him to venture out in public. I speculate the green screen videos pretending to show Biden in public settings is the practice run for ruling from behind the palace walls. The video is an obvious fake, because your tolerance of the obvious fake makes you even more submissive.

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  7. Biden is a post turtle. He didn't jump up there: he was placed there. It's not where he belongs. He can't function up there, and it's not doing him any good. He isn't doing anyone else any good there, either.

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