Well, the issues preventing me from blogging looks like they’re going to persist until August of 2022 — quite a bit longer than I had thought they would.


I have been advised — yes these issues require advice, and rather expensive advice I might add — that I can blog as long as I keep to “non-controversial topics”, with “non-controversial” being somewhat undefined at this time.

So, time to flog some work.

As some of you may have noticed, The LawDog Files ebooks and dead-tree editions are off Amazon. This is because my rights have reverted to me, and I’m in the middle of redoing those books. Sarah Hoyt’s Inkstained Press will be carrying the ebook version when I get it re-done; and I will be self-publishing the physical books via my own Raconteur Press.

Sarah assures me that she will get three books out of me — we’ll see.

In the meantime, I have been a little bit busy.

Cedar Sanderson
, who is a fantastic and talented artist, as well as author in her own right, took some Facebook posts I made during a particularly melancholy period here recently and turned them into a colouring book:

Taskforce CHIWEENIE and the Poultry Liberation Front. It is the story of mine and Herself’s little dogs and their running conflict with the neighbor’s chickens. Warning: while it is a colouring book, I’d be a little careful before giving it to kids.

Well, that one was kind of a hit, so Cedar and I decided to try another one, and we launched The Ratel Saga, which is a colouring book of my five (?) part story regarding the ratel trap in our backyard in Nigeria.

Again, it has been a bit successful, and Cedar is currently working on a third colouring book, which will have the stories of the Nigerian Space Lizards, the Sapper Lizards, and the story of the Major.

Three Ravens Publishing did a Hallowe’en Anthology titled It Came From The Trailer Park, and I’ve got a little short story in there, which was really fun to write.

I’ve got a couple of more projects which will be blog posts of their own, so give me a second.


Malta Anthology (ies???)
Beware getting what you wish for

9 thoughts on “Update”

  1. 4 months 19 days to go…

    Hang in, your writing, both in book & blog is worth reading.

    non illegitimi carborundum..


  2. I'm just a guy on the internet but I can't shake this feeling a tribal elder is being disrespected.

    May Karma quickly visit all involved.

  3. Do what's needful, Mr. Dog. Just glad to hear from ya. Best to you, and Herself, you've got folks out here who care, Brother….

  4. Hopefully this gets resolved in your favor.

    Anything that keeps you from writing is a loss for everyone.

  5. That’s a cryptic teaser if I ever heard one. Can’t wait to find out what put a muzzle on you.

  6. I got Task Force CHIWEENIE for the neighbors. Neighbor lady took one look and about howled in delight. They have a couple of wiener dogs and Chihuahua mix. Then there's the chicken coop next door. She could just about point to their own personal DMZ.

    Many thanks, sir.

  7. I happily bought The Lawdog Files and Africa Adventures before, and if you add more stories I'll happily buy them again! Your Audiobook narrator was excellent too. Just don't go full George Lucas on the edits, I don't want to turn the page and see Squeaks turned into some CGI muppet and then find out the Ratel shot first.

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