Dr Rogneby’s Phlogistonic Nostrum

Well, another Foolzcon is in the bag.

For those of y’all who remember the old Phlegmfests, this is what took over for Herself’s weekend-long parties in 2020, under the steady hand of OldNFO.

It is a weekend for tribe (and authors) to gather and just … converse. Jonna Hayden refers to it as a “Relaxacon”, and there is absolutely no structure to it. Folks bring drink, and food, and lively conversation is had, with much laughter.

And while there are absolutely no panels, I found myself outside on the porch in an informal “No [Deleted], There I Was” not-panel that went over three hours, with much giggling and the occasional Dr Pepper Sinusoidal Lavage.

Saturday evening, I had buried the needle on my People-Meter, was sitting on the unoccupied side of the venue, trying to breathe, and my friend Tom Rogneby stepped out, put a cup of something in my hand, and we sat, sipped cocktails, and watched the Texas sunset.

Kith are people who understand.

Dr Rogneby’s Phlogistonic Nostrum:

1 part Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream

1 part good root beer

Mix, pour over a bit of ice, and hand to vibrating introvert. Sip slowly.

A good time, and a good start to the convention season.

See y’all at Tulkon.


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13 thoughts on “Dr Rogneby’s Phlogistonic Nostrum”

  1. It was such a good weekend. A quiet drink with a sunset sounds like it was idyllic.

  2. I had a great time. It's nice to just be able to sit around and laugh.
    Though a few times I too went and had some alone time.

  3. Wish I coulda stayed the whole weekend. It was good to get to see you and the whole gang, old faces and new. Thanks for having me!

  4. It was a very fine time: mostly it was just *great* to be among my tribe.

  5. Confound it, I would pay the price of admission at Tulkon to get your book signed. I'll be down the turnpike in OKC that weekend.
    Maybe next time.

  6. Hey Lawdog

    Had a blast hanging with people like me, looking forward to seeing everyone again.

  7. Yep, Tom is good people. I really should get out to one of these conventions sometime.

  8. We had a wonderful time. Too bad we had to leave so early. I think next year we'll try to stay another day.

  9. Glad you liked it. I needed some quiet time too, so thanks for sharing the porch.

  10. Thanks for sharing the nostrum. I need just such an elixir under similar population densities.

    Sounds like it was a wondrous occasion, and glad that all y'all enjoyed immensely.

  11. You talked me into trying your nostrum. Luckily the Bourbon Cream was in stock at the local store. I learned something new (and good!) today. Life is good!

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