Ok, Gentle Readers. Across the top of this blog is a black menu bar. 

‘Best Of The LawDog Files’ will be a selection of fan favourite posts I’ve made.

‘Links’ is the old blogroll — I’ve updated it quite a bit.

‘Raconteur Press’, for right now, is a list of current and pending anthologies, with a brief submission guideline. I’ll update the guidelines as things progress. Any questions regarding anthologies we’re doing, pop over there first.

‘Tip Jar’ is, well, a tip jar.

‘Contact’, so far, is a link to the LawDog Facebook page. I’ll put in some other links over the next week or so.

‘North Texas Troublemakers’ is the goodie. This will be a list of other folks in our merry little band. There will probably be some swapping out of links between this one and ‘Links’ — i’m still sussing things out.

Still a work in progress, but I’m rather happy so far. Y’all tell Jack Wylder “Thanks”, next time you see him; and a huge “THANK YOU!” to everyone who donated to get us here. It honestly wouldn’t have been done without you.


Monster Hunter Miniatures Game

8 thoughts on “Housekeeping”

    1. I’m having trouble locating that one- if you can find it, lemme know where it is and I’ll add it straightaway

  1. I said this elsewhere, but the two ‘Dispatcher’ tales certainly qualify

  2. I nominate the story about the teen car hop & her Serving Tray of Doom (+3) for the favorites list!

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