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Well, I mentioned yesterday that I would be looking for a logo for Raconteur Press, and people saw it.

Jack Wylder sent version 1.0:

Followed shortly by V2.0:

And V2.1:

And i just received a message from him, “Just fyi it will probably be version 4-5 before it’s ready for prime time.”

Honestly, this is probably better than Christmas right now.


Are we sure it's Sunday?
Raconteur Press

15 thoughts on “Logo for Raconteur Press”

  1. As I mentioned elsewhere, I like version one. Though I think a version with Raconteur (in the same font) on top of the circle and Press on the bottom (like a mission / unit patch) might be worth looking into, only because it makes the artwork a little more narrow, so you can increase the picture size.
    But that’s just me.

  2. I hope someday to be worthy of Jack’s help with some personal projects 🙂

  3. The punster in me would never be able to avoid using a logo showing a raccoon. Or changing the name to Raccoonteur. Or both. But I do realize that the fox is special to LawDog.

  4. I Like the font and color on v 2.0, mean looking Fox!
    It screams for a patch, as John says up top. Nice,Mr. Dog!
    Will you announce when your older books are available thru Raconteur, I will be purchasing.

  5. Way off topic, but do you have paper copies of the books listed on the side bar and if you do, and if you would sell a “set” what would be the cost (shipped to FL)? thanks. (Rather give you the money than amozcrap.)
    Oh yeah I have copies of your first books about growing up in Africa, oh my the ha, ha, ha, ha,ha. . .

    1. I hadn’t actually considered selling directly.

      That’s not something we can do on the regular yet, but we might look at it in the future.


      1. damn, I really hate feeding amozag… Mike Williamson usually holds a few copies of his books to sell to people he knows.

      2. There are paper copies of the illustrated books, and Can’t Go Home Again, available if you want them, and they can be signed by Lawdog, illustrator (in the case of the picture books) and a couple of other authors in the case of Can’t Go Home Again. If this is something you really want, we can create a commission link for you to purchase through my commerce site. And yes, Lawdog gets paid that way!

        1. send me an email about how to go about doing that please. Keep in mind that I am the arch-typical Luddite still using win pro 7 and win internet expl 11. . .
          easiest for me if you just send me an email with a total cost and where to send the check.

  6. I think the Banta Corporation, originally in Menasha, WI used to have a fox in its logo. They have since been bought out by RR Donnely. I couldn’t find any images of the old logo online, so maybe you won’t have issues with copyright infringement.

  7. I think I like the logo of #1 most, although it’s a near thing.
    But I like the font on #2&3.

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