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Last year (I think) Jim Curtis informed me that I would be submitting a short to a trailer park anthology, and that it needed to be classic ‘B’ grade movie schlock.

I hadn’t heard of Three Ravens Publishing, but I dashed off a short and emailed it in,  not expecting much — well, that anthology was ‘It Came from The Trailer Park’, and has been successful enough that it has spawned a second issue (funny how that works, hmm?), and is in the running for some pretty nice awards.

Three Ravens Publishing in general, and Hillbilly in particular, are a joy to work with. they are up front, and have a firm ‘No Bushwa’ policy, which in a field full of predatory vanity presses and shady small publishers is — quite frankly — refreshing and a relief.

I whole-heartedly endorse them, and you should probably send money their way so that they can keep being the good guys that they are.

The fact that they have really good mead has absolutely no bearing on my liking for them. (Although it didn’t hurt), and that they have a great con presence is just icing on the cake.

Good folks, running a good house. I like them, and I’ve added a link to Three Ravens up in the menu bar.


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  1. It Came From the Trailer Park was epic and I’m looking forward to the sequel.

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